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Exploring the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan

Posted July 27, 2023 in Destination - Last updated April 6, 2023

Japan is a truly great nation. It has plenty to offer practically every type of traveler. Visiting Japan will be a treat for you, irrespective of whether you are visiting the country to discover its rich history, indulge in delectable Japanese food, or ride the Shinkansen trains. Let’s see what you will experience exploring the land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

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Why should you visit Japan for your next trip?

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Japan is a country unlike any other. This country is warm and hospitable and praised for being the safest in Asia. It is also probably the only country offering visitors a perfect balance of history, culture, and modern comforts. We have listed here some of the best reasons to visit Japan for your next vacation.

Beautiful landscapes

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Despite being a small nation, Japan has a varied and consistently stunning landscape. It has everything: mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, islands, forests, volcanoes, plains, etc. Some breathtaking places in Japan include Mount Fuji, the Ritsurin landscape gardens, Mt. Yohsino, Shirakawa Village, and the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Many people come to Japan from July through September to climb Mount Fuji. But the truly spectacular sight in Japan is the cherry blossoms. Every year, the cherries will bloom around April, the peak season, filling the cities and the parks with a lovely, calming, and soothing pink. You can see both locals and tourists converging around these trees and having picnics beneath them.

Unique culture

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Japanese culture is easily recognizable, distinctive, and intriguing. This country offers travelers a chance to discover a lot of unique cultural elements like geisha, samurai, sumo, Shinto and Buddhist festivals, and theater. Japan has several Shinto shrines, and every shrine holds a little celebration to honor the kami (deity) residing there. Other significant festivals draw many visitors, like Gion Matsuri and Kanda Matsuri, both rooted in Shinto culture. Buddhist shrines also hold celebrations like Obon, a festival honoring one’s ancestors. Sumo matches, held all year in Japan, are another unique experience you should try. You should also check out the kabuki and noh theaters when visiting Japan. The colorful masks, flashy outfits, and incredible talents of the artists will amaze you.

Rich heritage

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Japan’s rich heritage and history have left numerous historical castles, temples, and charming gardens around the nation that travelers can explore and enjoy. The country is teeming with numerous medieval castles, most perched atop hills and mountains. Himeji Castle, built in 1609 and still standing after enduring numerous disasters, is considered the most stunning. In addition, several Shinto shrines, like the Itsukushima Shrine and the Fushimi Inari Shrine, are worth visiting. Japan also has many Buddhist shrines that people can visit for peaceful introspection.

Delicious cuisine

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Japanese people place a high value on food. When visiting the country, you can enjoy various delectable foods like sushi, sashimi, omurice, Zaru soba, udon, ramen, donburi, yakiniku, and sukiyaki. This is also the country where you can get the best and most authentic matcha. You can get anything in Japan in this flavor: ice cream, cookies, chocolate, or even hamburgers. The country is also famous for making food just as advertised, earning the nation a special place in the hearts of foodies.

Toys, anime, and “kawaii” culture

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Anyone familiar with anime and manga knows that Japan is the Mecca of these art forms. Here, you can find cafés with anime motifs, the Akihabara shopping hub, the Tokyo Anime Center, and J-World Tokyo that will leave anime fans in awe. Japan is also famous for its “kawaii” culture. Almost all significant businesses in Japan have a charming mascot to serve as their brand ambassador, even the police. Japan even has restaurants that are designed around this “kawaii” theme. Travelers can also buy many toys, especially Pokémon, when traveling in Japan. The whole country will give you the feel of an adult Disney World.

People, amenities, and safety

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Japanese people are gracious, friendly, and polite and will stop at nothing to assist you. The country with one of the lowest crime rates is also incredibly safe to travel solo. Tourists can also walk around at night without any issues. The country also has a practical and dependable public transportation network, making it easier for travelers to go from one place to another. The best way to travel here is to ride the Shinkansen bullet trains, which boast various opulent amenities onboard.

Millions of people worldwide flock to this country to explore its religious festivals, sumo and samurai cultures, beautiful landscapes, temples, gardens, and even the onsen springs. All these things make Japan the best country to add to your bucket list.

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