Why Must Seychelles Be On Your Bucket List?

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MD: Stunning beaches, amazing wildlife, delicious cuisine, and more. Seychelles has so much to offer that it deserves a place on your bucket list.

Seychelles is a small island nation on the eastern coast of Africa. It comprises nearly 115 coral islands and is a tropical paradise with stunning beaches, crystal-clear seas, and majestic granite rock formations. Seychelles has been the honeymoon destination for many celebrity couples, including George Clooney, Prince William, and Sir Paul McCartney. So whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-filled holiday, Seychelles is the best place to be.

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No visas

Holidays can be a ton of fun. However, if you have to spend days or weeks struggling to get a visa, it can take some fun. Thankfully, Seychelles is a visa-free country. You do not need a visa to enter this tropical paradise. If you want a quick getaway, Seychelles is the right country.

Beaches, beaches, beaches!

Which country has the best beaches in the world? Undoubtedly, Seychelles! With 115 islands, Seychelles is every beach lover’s dream come true. The most famous beach is perhaps Anse Source d’Argent, with its granite boulders and gorgeous looks. This beach was one of the stars in movies like Crusoe and Castaway. No wonder it keeps getting named the most beautiful beach in the world regularly. Going to the most beautiful beach in the world also has its downside. It can get busy. So, we recommend visiting it early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is less crowded.

When in Seychelles, you must also visit Praslin, the second-largest island of this archipelago. If you love snorkeling, you will also love Anse Lazio, a coral wonderland. It would be best to try other beautiful beaches, Beau Vallon on Mahe Island and Anse Intendance in the south.

Great weather all year round

Seychelles has beautiful weather all year round. You can plan your trip anytime and get nothing but great weather. Even during seasons when it rains, you will still get good weather. The rain never lasts long enough to spoil an entire day.

It is always warm and comfortable in Seychelles. So, what better way to enjoy this beautiful weather than with a Pina Colada?

Amazing wildlife

Wildlife lovers will fall in love with Seychelles. You can find the biggest tortoises and the smallest frogs on these islands. There are also 12 endemic bird species.

If you want to experience wildlife, take a trip to the Morne Seychoilles hiking trail on Mahe Island. You may glimpse Gardiner’s tree frog with its distinctive dark band. Fortunately, spotting the giant Aldabra tortoises is a lot easier because they are some of the largest tortoises in the world. If you want to experience these wild tortoises, head to Aldabra Atoll, Cousin Island, North Island, and Curieuse Island.

The black parrot of Seychelles is the country’s national bird. If you love birdwatching, you may want to seek out the black parrot. The Seychelles warbler and the magpie robin have been saved from extinction and can be easily spotted on Cousin Island. Hardcore bird lovers must visit Bird Island, which is a private reserve. Bird Island can only be reached by plane, which flies once a day. So, you will need to stay overnight.

Amazing hikes

The hiking trails of Seychelles can be quite amazing, provided you can drag yourself away from the gorgeous beaches. The larger islands have lush green jungles and magnificent mountains. All of these places are quite untouched, waiting to be explored.

You can find walks and hikes that suit everyone, regardless of your fitness level. The Anse Major trail on Mahe Island is great for a gentle stroll. If you want a moderate trek, check out the Anse Georgette trail on Praslin. Finally, we recommend a hike to Morne Seychellois for an intense workout. It is a five-hour bike ride to the highest point in Mahe.

Delicious cuisine

No holiday is complete without good food. You can enjoy delicious Creole cuisine in Seychelles. Countries like India, China, Africa, and Europe have influenced the food in the country. With easy access to the sea, you can enjoy some yummy seafood. You will find sea bass, tuna, red snapper, king mackerel, barracuda, and more cooked in several different ways.

Zourit is a very popular dish made with octopus in a creamy curry. Tec Tec is another popular dish made with mussels and pumpkin. Indian snacks like samosas are also easily found in various street eateries.

Boatshed at Beau Vallon has an amazing Creole buffet. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet with a dizzying array of Creole classics.

Seychelles is the perfect destination for romantic getaways and special occasions. If you have not visited Seychelles, it must be on your bucket list. Check out some itineraries for Seychelles and find the one that fits your travel plans the best.

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