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Do Not Track Policy

Travel-Wise does not intend to make money off ads. Thus, we do not serve ads, track individual users or allow third parties to track users. However, we use some industry-wide tools to track the usage of Travel-Wise. Such as Google Analytics and Bing Clarity, but these tools are anonymized. These tools are not intended to sell your usage, track, serve ads or give to third parties for usage. They are purely used in our development to observe features used, website growth, and how to improve user experience.

Your data privacy means a lot to us at Travel-Wise. You can rest assured we do not sell it, give it to others, or store it. Any viewable data is aggregations to improve Travel-Wise and create strategic investment direction. Data and infrastructure is through Microsoft Azure and is kept secure in Microsoft’s (a highly trusted source) infrastructure.

Travel-Wise does no further implementation to honor Do Not Track browser features as we are still a growing company. However, if Travel-Wise’s adoption of this feature is essential to you, please let us know. For more details, check out our privacy policy.

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