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Getting married is a celebration of a lifetime. After you celebrate your marriage with your family and friends, it’s time for you and your spouse to head toward your honeymoon. If you’re like most people, you were probably busy planning your honeymoon right alongside your wedding. Honeymoon planning takes time. You need to decide where you want to go with your partner and invest in an experience that neither of you is likely to forget anytime soon. Before you start diving headfirst into checking off things from your travel bucket list, let’s stop to consider what makes a honeymoon destination good.

Five Considerations For Honeymoon Planning

When you’re about to head off on a romantic getaway with your life partner, you don’t want to be thinking about missing your flight or booking a room in a lousy hotel. If you don’t do your research on what the weather is like where you’re going, you may be in for a bad surprise. If it’s raining, too hot, or too cold at your honeymoon destination, you won’t be able to enjoy it. So, what should you consider when planning your honeymoon?

Your honeymoon travel planner should take into account the following:

1. Your Reason For Traveling

Maybe you want to engage in adventure sports with your life partner, or you could be interested in exploring the different food options that a city has to offer and going shopping with your partner. Different destinations are good for different purposes. First, think of what you want to do on your honeymoon. Do you want to go hiking? Skiing? Diving? Or do you want to visit historical buildings and learn about new cultures?

2. The Season Where You’re Going

Although it may not seem important at first, the season when you’re traveling is important. Say you get married in winter – do you want to travel to a hotter destination to enjoy a warm winter? You could also want to go skiing in the mountains, in which case your travel destination will need to be somewhere with a good ski track. Think about when you’re getting married and what kind of season you want to be greeted with when you reach your honeymoon destination. From warm tropical summers to cold, snow-covered mountains – you have several options open to you.

3. Make A Budget

You just had to spend a lot of money on your wedding. You may not want to splurge on your honeymoon as well. The good news is that there are several pocket-friendly destinations that you can go to for your honeymoon. From European countries to states in the US, depending on your budget, you could pick any destination you like. For your honeymoon, you’ll probably want to book a room that isn’t like a hostel room where you share a bunk bed with your partner. Look for hotels that, although more expensive than hostels, still fall within your budget.

4. Create An Itinerary

A honeymoon trip planner can really help you with creating the perfect honeymoon experience for you and your partner. Write down in your honeymoon trip plan what exactly you plan to do on each day of your honeymoon. Write down the places you intend to visit, the experiences you want to partake in, and look for activities that you can do together with your partner.

5. Plan In Advance

Ideally, you should be planning your honeymoon around eight to twelve months ahead of when you intend to travel. Not only will you need to settle on a destination, but you’ll also need to book your travel and lodgings, create your honeymoon plan, and more. Instead of leaving things to chance, plan out your honeymoon carefully and do it far ahead of your wedding.

What Makes A Good Honeymoon?

A good honeymoon is an experience that both you and your partner enjoy and find memorable. Your honeymoon isn’t just an opportunity to visit a new place together, it’s also a time for you and your partner to be romantic with each other. Plan out small romantic details meant to surprise your partner and remind them of how much you care for them. Learn about the best honeymoon destinations through this guide.

If you want your honeymoon to be good, then splurge a little on travel and accommodations. Where possible, try to make your partner feel special. You’ll never get to celebrate your honeymoon with your partner again, so make your current trip as memorable as you can make it.

What Is A Good Amount Of Time For A Honeymoon?

Often, people choose to extend their honeymoon for up to a week. Anywhere between seven to ten days is a good amount of time to spend with your partner on your honeymoon. It gives you time to visit the destination you’ve chosen while also allowing you to spend time together.

How Far Out Should You Start Planning Your Honeymoon?

It’s not uncommon for people to start planning their honeymoon almost a year in advance of their wedding. You’ll need to plan everything from where you want to go to where you’re going to stay. The earlier you start planning out your honeymoon, the better it will be for you. You’ll be able to find good accommodation, won’t have to worry about paying more for flights, and can properly plan out everything that you’ll be doing on your honeymoon.

Most importantly, you won’t have to stress over planning your wedding and honeymoon at the same time. By the time you’re getting married, ensure that your honeymoon planning has been completed.

Top Destinations For A Honeymoon

Here are five destinations that you should consider visiting on your honeymoon.


Want to be surrounded by colorful reefs while living in a luxurious villa and having every need tended to by experienced service staff? Then the Maldives could be perfect for you. The best time to visit the Maldives is between May and November. If you stay around five days in the Maldives, you’ll give yourself ample time to make the most of all that the Maldives have to offer. Aside from resting on the beach and just spending time together, you can also participate in water sports.


Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, making it the perfect city for your honeymoon. Relax with your partner while sipping wine at a picturesque café, or walk towards the Eiffel Tower together. In Paris, you can visit places like the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles, and more. The best time to visit Paris is between June and August. Spend around a week in Paris and indulge in a truly romantic honeymoon.

Cradle Mountain

Situated in Australia, have your honeymoon at Cradle Mountain if what you’re looking for is a stress-free, relaxing experience. Cradle Mountain is also known for adventure sports. If you and your partner are on the more sporty side, then this honeymoon destination can be perfect for you. Aside from Cradle Mountain, you should also visit the Dove Lake Circuit and Lake St. Clair. The best time to visit Cradle Mountain is between July and September.


Another picture-perfect destination that you can consider visiting for your honeymoon is Santorini in Greece. With stunning views of the beautiful Aegean Sea and romantic hotel packages for honeymooners, this can be a truly romantic getaway. At Santorini, you can visit the Skaros Rock, the White Door Theatro, the Perissa Beach, and more. The best time to visit Santorini is between September and October. Go on winery tours, visit a prehistoric village, and spend time sightseeing with your partner. Within just four days, you’ll have experienced what there is to experience in Santorini.


Another destination that you could consider going to for your honeymoon is Florence, Italy. Known for being a beautiful city, as well as a center of fashion, there is a lot to do in Florence. Here, you can visit the Piazzale Michelangelo, the Piazza Del Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, and more. The ideal time to visit Florence is between May and September. A short stay of just three days is enough to take in Florence. From here, you could go to another destination in Italy, such as Tuscany.

Where To Plan Your Honeymoon

Aside from the destinations mentioned in this guide, there are several other adventurous locations you can go to as well. Travel-Wise helps you figure out where you should go and how you can make the most of your trip there. If you want to learn more about traveling through Jordan in three days or how to make the best trip planner, then Travel-Wise can help you.

You may want to visit Egypt on your honeymoon, or even visit Switzerland. Travel-Wise can help you find the best honeymoon destinations for you and your partner. Learn from the experiences of travelers before you and plan out a honeymoon you’ll both remember for a lifetime.

Travel Wise also has ready-made itineraries for you to use, such as the Tokyo itinerary and the Venice itinerary among many others.

How Much To Budget For Your Honeymoon

The average budget for a honeymoon experience that lasts less than a week is around $3000. Depending on where you’re going, you could end up spending more or less money. Some places, like Switzerland, are more expensive, and your average cost for hosting your honeymoon there could be as high as $5000, if not higher.


If you’re making your honeymoon trip plan, then Travel-Wise is here to help you. Whether you want to learn more about traveling to Greece or Egypt, we’re here to show you the way. Your honeymoon trip planner probably won’t be complete without guidance from Travel-Wise. Two itineraries that you should check out for your honeymoon trip planner are our Australia trip planner and our France trip planner.

Also, learn about potential destinations for your honeymoon through articles like – the best surfing destinations, on Travel-Wise.

Find easy travel itineraries for your honeymoon travel planner with the help of our AI itinerary generator. You can also find incredible tips to help you plan and budget your trip better with our Country Guides, as well as itineraries from our travel community! Don’t forget to share your experiences with us and become part of a thriving group of travel lovers!

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