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How to Travel Internationally with Your Dog

Posted March 16, 2023 in Travel Guide - Last updated June 1, 2023

Traveling with your dog is a great way to bond, explore the world, and have fun. But it can be stressful for you if you don’t plan. This article will tell you everything you need to know on how to travel internationally with your dog.

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Do Your Research

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Before traveling internationally with your dog, you should also research and talk to your vet about what you need to know. For example, if you plan to go abroad for more than one week, find out whether boarding is available in your home country. Many countries have strict laws about transporting pets by plane (mainly when they are not used as service animals). In addition, if the destination has specific requirements for importing or exporting dogs, it’s best to check with a local vet before leaving home. They will be able to assist you with any paperwork needed during travel.

Find Specific Requirements by Country 

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You should also check the country’s import requirements. In some countries, dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies before traveling abroad. In others, you’ll need to register your pet with the local authorities and pay an annual fee for their upkeep. Again, this amount varies depending on which region you’re visiting.

Book your flight early

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Airlines only accommodate a limited number of animals per flight. So, you must get your request in early.

You should call the airline before your trip and ask if they allow dogs to fly on the same plane. If not, you may have to fly with another airline or take a different route altogether.

If your dog is healthy enough and has no health issues that would prevent it from flying, then all that’s left to do is book the flight.

Gather the paperwork

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The first step to traveling with your dog is gathering the essential paperwork. You’ll need the following:

  • Your pet’s vaccination records
  • A copy of your pet’s microchip information (if applicable)
  • A copy of their license

Get a dog carrier

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A dog carrier is essential. Your dog should be able to turn around in it and lie down comfortably. The top opening of the carrier should be large enough for your dog to fit through but not too wide that your dog can’t see out or get stuck inside. And it needs to be secure, so you can have peace of mind that no matter what happens on your trip, your pup won’t run off!

Take any necessities for your dog

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Apart from the dog carrier, here are a few more things you will need:

  • Take dog food and bowls with you.
  • Include toys for playtime and exercise and a blanket or bedding for them to lie on in their crate at night.
  • Make sure your pet has all their medication with them. You don’t want any accidents while traveling.

Keep your dog on a leash

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This is the most important rule because it will prevent you and your pet from getting into trouble. If you’re traveling with your dog, make sure they wear a collar and leash outside their vehicle. 

If it becomes necessary for you to leave your dog alone while you go shopping or sightseeing around town, please be careful not to leave him unattended for too long. Keep him safely inside with an item like his bed or blanket. This way, he won’t feel alone and distressed.

Stay away from stressful situations

It’s crucial that when you are with your dog, you should avoid crowded and noisy areas. Don’t let your dog out of the carrier unless it is in a safe place where it cannot escape and get lost. This could cause them distress and possibly make them sick.

Your dog should be Fed and Hydrated

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When you travel with your dog, it’s essential to keep their well-being in mind. Here are some tips for making sure they feel comfortable and safe on the road:

  • Keep them hydrated. Make sure they have access to fresh water at all times. Bring a collapsible water bowl or carry-on bag filled with small water bottles if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t allow pets in restaurants or hotels. This will give them something warm and familiar when feeling queasy during turbulence or long flights.
  • Feed them treats. You might also want to bring dog treats if they get hungry while traveling abroad. However, try not to overfeed them because this could lead to overeating later on down the line. It’s better to have enough food so no one gets too full before eating anything else later.

Take Time to Rest

Take frequent breaks and set aside time for rest. Plan and ensure you have a safe place to rest your dog when traveling internationally. Be aware of the surroundings and look for signs indicating danger.


We hope you found this article helpful and that it helps you prepare for your trip. Remember that the most crucial part of traveling with your dog is keeping them happy and healthy—and making sure they don’t get into trouble.

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