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Exploring Open Trip Planner

Open Trip Plans allow Travel-Wise users to join other’s trips from the Trip Planner list. It enables users to meet new people, fill open seats on trips, and drive for group discount rates. The feature is designed to allow planners to open their trips and help pull together groups from members of Travel-Wise. Let’s explore more of what our open trip planner is about.

Explore open trip plans now

To help ensure the quality and safety of this feature, the ability to open trips is considered a premium feature and is only allowed by vetted users. This helps ensure we know who is opening trips and can help monitor the quality of these trips on the platform. If you would like to apply for the capability, please contact us.

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Fret not if there is nothing found yet. This feature is new, and we are still looking for the right people to partner with. If you are interested in this feature and interested in partnering with us, please let us know.

To create an open trip plan

For those who can create open trip plans, once your trip is set up, you can publish it to make it public and visible to others (it is private by default).

Once Public, you can open your trip plan for others to apply on the “Invite Others” menu located off the purple “Planning” button’s drop-down arrow.

You can close your open trip plan any time after you’ve added new members or close it early if you change your mind. New applicants will appear after applying, and you can reject or accept their applications. You will see their application request message and be able to see their Profile. Further, you can send them a message directly on their Profile if needed.

Joining an open trip

Others viewing the Open Trip plans will see the Trip Plan being “open” and can apply directly. They will have a link to the trip plan and can see all its details. Anyone can apply to join, and the owner of the trip plan can choose the applying applicants.

Share your plan, meet new people, and find those cheaper group rates faster than ever with Travel-Wise!

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