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How To Plan An International Trip With Our Country Guides

Are you a person who travels or aspires to travel around the world? If so, there is no doubt you’ve encountered all sorts of issues finding official documentation for laws to abide by, cultural norms not to disrespect, the best places you can see, and visas. I would typically need to utilize a search engine and skim through many articles, sometimes with contradictory and sparse information. This is why the team at Travel-Wise is optimizing this experience and making it easier to travel where you want to go with Country Travel Guides. Our vision for these is to be an up-to-date one-stop shop like Wikipedia, except explicitly for assisting with solving the “how to plan an international trip” problem.

Call out to our fantastic writer for these articles, who strives to be factual and correct from her vast experience and research to provide the best information possible, @joveflores.

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Where to find them in planning an international trip?

When using Travel-Wise, you’ll find the Country Wikis are referenced in relevant places from our articles to the templated itinerary Guides to help bring in vital information for your travels. The two main places you’ll see these referenced are from:

  • The top menu bar is under “INFO” and “Country Guides.”
  • When searching for templated Guides, you will find them on the templates referenced under “Areas of Travel” at the top of each templated Guide, covering each country the refinery plans to visit.

How to use them for planning an international trip?

The Country Guides/Wikis are split into several sections that you can jump to for your vital information. It is unnecessary to read the whole thing, and it can be continuously referenced on your travels. So let’s review the different sections and how they can help you.

Table of contents

Use the table of contents to quickly zoom in on what you are looking for. Utilize the guides for what they are fully intended to be for up-to-date quick travel guide references.

National Information & Culture

Culture is vastly different worldwide as history has uniquely shaped the world. Make sure you know how the culture may impact you in terms of culture shock and how you can travel the lands, learn, and accept the diverse culture there. Whole books can be written about any country’s history and culture. However, we’ll focus on the primary things foreign folk will find as a culture shock to keep things short and pertinent to your travels.

Special Travel Considerations

Our world fluctuates over time with considerations from politics, contamination (such as COVID-19), special events, and special requirements a country might impose on visitors. Some countries may not have all this information in one spot for visitors. Yet, they will undoubtedly expect you to come prepared to enter the country. We try to find all these considerations and put them front and center here.

Visa Information

All countries throughout the world will have different expectations and requirements for Visas. It also depends on what country you are traveling from and the relations. I’ve heard countless tales of folk traveling and being rejected from entering a country to improper visas being held. Don’t let this happen to you. We’ve prepared the correct links and information to prepare for your travels in this section.

Numerous templated Guides and articles across the internet recommend things to see in a country. Still, finding one consolidated list of the highlights of things to see in a country can be difficult. We tried to do that here. If you are traveling somewhere, it is a solid list to consider as you may find out what you’ll miss or can extend the trip to include some additional places to visit.

Primary Spoken Language(s)

Language is a massive part of a country’s culture, but more importantly to the traveler, this is the primary way people communicate. Therefore, we try to list the commonly spoken languages so you can prepare accordingly. In addition, you may need backup means of communication in places where the languages are not in your repertoire.

Safety Concerns

Travel is not always safe. However, it is always a proper consideration. We list pertinent safety concerns so you can avoid or be prepared to mitigate those concerns.

Budget Considerations

Every country has a different economy and influence on their market. Also, some folk enjoy traveling on a budget, while others prefer luxury or somewhere between. We try to call out essential considerations on your budget here so you can plan accordingly. Understanding how much you should budget for a trip to this country is crucial.

Customs And Import Restrictions

Every country may have cultural influence, regional expectations, and strict laws on what can or cannot enter or leave the country. It is important to note that failure to respect these may fracture local law and have you imprisoned. Unfortunately, these are not always obvious to travelers. Nevertheless, we try to point them out clearly to ensure you can travel safely.

Climate Considerations

The climate is changing worldwide, but even due to regional features, altitude, or weather patterns, there might be better times to visit than others. This section tries to help you understand the temperature ranges, seasonal effects, and ideal times to visit.

Primary Transportation Options

Culture and funding of transportation options have shaped countries worldwide throughout history. This reflects how locals and you must get around in a country. It is incredible how much this changes worldwide and is often overlooked. Use this section to ensure you come prepared and know the regional travel options.

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