Disney World, Florida in 1 day

Posted September 7, 2022 in Itinerary Of The Week - Last updated November 9, 2023


Walt Disney World Resort is widely considered the ultimate destination for families. It is one of those few places where people of all ages can enjoy themselves together. Among the many pleasures of visiting Walt Disney World is experiencing this park’s inviting and warm atmosphere while enjoying its various attractions. This 1-day Walt Disney World itinerary is perfect for planning a fun day at this theme park resort in Florida. Let’s explore how much we can see Disney World in 1 day.

Exploring Disney World

This itinerary packs in all the major attractions of the four theme parks of Walt Disney World. Your family can enjoy the thrilling rides and other experiences of Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom, Frontierland, and the Cinderella Castle. It also includes the steam-powered engine ride around the park, an activity your family can enjoy together. With a fair budget range of $104-159, this 1-day itinerary will help you experience the best of this magical theme park in less time. So what are you waiting for? Plan your fun-filled day at the Walt Disney World Resort this Fall-Spring with Travel-Wise.

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