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Getting Started With The Travel-Wise Trip Planner App

Travel-Wise is designed from the ground up to aid its users as a free trip-planning app that utilizes the latest and greatest AI generation techniques to make it faster to build your travel plans. But also the capability to build off of and customize user-submitted itineraries. Be it an AI-generated or a user-submitted community itinerary, itineraries on Travel-Wise are your building blocks that contain the boost you need to plan your trips fast. Let’s dive in below to explore how our trip planner app will make your next planned trip a breeze to set up and create in no time.

Trip Plans are your custom plan, personal to you and those who you want to be on your trip or share your trip with. They can be optionally published to be shared with anyone on Travel-Wise, social media, email, or by direct link share. This is a great way to share your trip as you are on it with emergency contacts, family, or friends who want to follow you. With itineraries as your building blocks, trip plans can then be customized to your heart’s desire.

Using Itineraries As Building Blocks – Example

For example, if I plan a trip to Egypt for 3 weeks. I can explore your community itineraries on this search page for “Egypt.” If I find several itineraries that look interesting, don’t overlap, and want to plan around, I can add those to my personal trip plan. I can add several templates to my plan and re-order the days afterward.

Let’s say there is a place I couldn’t find in Egypt for which an itinerary was made. Instead, I can use the AI generator to create an itinerary and add that to my trip plan.

Now, I can invite my travel buddies to the trip plan by email so they can share their booking details flights and share in the collaborative planning as things solidify. Further, they have equal access to the plan and can use it.

The best part is, after my trip, I can create my own itinerary template that I can publish so others can now use my own trip as a template for their trips. Others can relive your steps the same way you did or even customize it further to their liking.

Other Great Features

Further, my trip plan acts as a full-fledged journal that my travel buddies can write in, share pictures with, and create a compelling story of your trip. These are all stored apart from your trip plan and create nice viewable cards afterward. These can be printed for your keeping or “published” to be shared with others. They will appear on your user profile page so others can view and share your experiences.

Further, Travel-Wise tries to make finding like-minded travelers to explore the world easier. Be it scuba diving, mountaineering, relaxing, digital nomading, or general travel. Travel-Wise has open trip plans so users can find and join each other for reduced prices with group rates and make new friends.

Check out our features page for a robust list of features Travel-Wise offers.

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