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Puerto Rico in 4 Days

Posted June 7, 2023 in Itinerary Of The Week - Last updated November 9, 2023

Have you ever wanted to explore the Caribbean islands and immerse yourself in paradise? Puerto Rico is an island paradise with breathtaking natural sights, from lush rainforests to cascading waterfalls. But it’s not just a visual feast either – for your palate, you can enjoy the distinctive flavors of this Caribbean haven! Let’s explore how much we can see of Puerto Rico in 4 days.

Exploring Puerto Rico

Old San Juan is the perfect spot with its picturesque views and exciting attractions. On day 1 of your trip, explore El Morro – an awe-inspiring fortress that offers remarkable vistas from atop its cobblestone walls. Don’t forget to take time for some delicious cuisine from Viejo’s restaurants and street vendors. Next, visit Castillo de San Cristóbal- whose historic grounds offer breathtaking panoramic scenes down the shoreline. Lastly, check out indoor delight: Calle del Cristo – which hosts boutique stores galore offering local crafts unique only to this area.

On day two of your itinerary, explore El Yunque National Forest, an awe-inspiring rainforest with trails for all levels! Let Mother Nature invite you into her magical abode. See 240 species of trees and 150 ferns in person or spot coquí tree frogs along your journey. You’ll have plenty to choose from – Angelito Trail is a great starter, while La Coca Trail offers more experienced hikers quite the challenge. And just when it feels like nature has opened its arms, don’t forget that some areas may still be closed due to damage caused by Hurricane Maria; La Mina is one such place. 

On your third day, journey to Flamenco Beach and explore its serene beauty. Relax in the sunshine on sandy shores with crystal clear waters- perfect for snorkeling. Swim amongst vibrant fish that play near the shoreline or spend a glamorous evening camping beneath a canopy of stars, making it one of nature’s most breathtaking locations.

On the fourth day of your journey, stop by Crash Boat Beach – an exhilarating paradise that boasts stunningly blue waters and vibrant marine life. Plus, bask in sun-kissed bliss on sandy shores or show your volleyball skills with fellow beachgoers. Next, end the trip by visiting Mosquito Bay at night, which offers a beautiful experience. 

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For less than USD 700-750, make a pilgrimage to the legendary Caribbean Paradise of Puerto Rico! Explore its awe-inspiring sights and uncover hidden gems on this mystical journey.

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