Wonderland Trail (Longmire through White River) Plan in 6 Days

Posted July 13, 2022 in Itinerary Of The Week - Last updated November 9, 2023


We trekked the famous Wonderland Trail that circles Mt Rainier in the early July 2nd through July 8th! We traveled from Longmire to White River. This was an exciting sprint time as it was much colder than usual with more snow. The snow melted, and the lousy weather battered the trail conditions, destroyed some bridges, and took down several trees on the path. However, the Rangers were hard at work repairing the trail. So we got to run through it in a pristine condition without much human intervention.

What was especially remarkable was we were nearly the only ones on the Wonderland Trail! We met one other solo hiker who had a vast amount of experience. She made us pale in comparison and ran the whole trail in 4 days! We waved goodbye and went our separate ways while making the trail in opposite directions. Despite the desolate conditions, the trail was still quite doable, especially for anyone with intermediate skill and confidence with snow, route finding, and make-shift river crossings. Check out our journal entries below in our trip report!

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Another cool part of this experience was that I could test out our Travel Planner. The planner has been shaping up quite nicely over the last few months! We had no internet on the trail, and the Travel-Wise Travel Planner needed to function and allow me to journal while offline. We aimed for the Travel Planner to integrate very finely with the ability of the shared group to journal and share their story during the adventure. The Travel Plan can be quickly represented in a lovely consumable card, as seen below. These cards are shareable and, by design, should be able to reflect and tell your story. Start planning your next adventure today, and let us know how we can continue to shape the tooling to be even better!

So start making your plans today by utilizing Travel-Wise to make your trip planning a breeze, and start making your travel plans!

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