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7 Places to Visit For Witchy Things

Posted May 17, 2022 in Top Contenders - Last updated November 27, 2023

Are you obsessed with Harry Potter? Love witchy things? Or maybe you are a practitioner of magical crafts? You’ve come to the right place if you identify with these labels. Here, we’ll explore seven fantastic places to visit for witchy things.

So, let’s hop on our broomsticks and fly to our exotic destinations.

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1. Salem, Massachusetts

No list of witchy destinations can be started without talking about Salem. This small town in Massachusetts has gone down in history for all the wrong reasons. The infamous witch trials of 1962-1963 occurred here, resulting in many innocent deaths. The city has been almost left as it was – with its gothic buildings and eerie atmosphere – to preserve the memories of the late 1600s. If you visit, you’ll find many witchcraft-themed museums, occult stores, and centuries-old architecture that will result in shudders down your back as you walk past them.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana’s New Orleans is another American city famous for its association with the supernatural. The city’s most well-known festival – Mardi Gras – has deep pagan roots. Some believe that Mardi Gras is a new-age rendition of the ancient Roman rituals of Saturnalia and Lupercalia, which celebrated Spring and fertility. New Orleans also has a rich history of Hoodoo and Voodoo, which, although not technically witchcraft, lends magic and mystery to the air. Witchy lovers will be thrilled to find healers, shamans, voodoo priestesses, and tarot readers in this magical city, even today.

3. Siquijor, Philippines

When the Spanish colonized Siquijor, Phillippines in the 1600s, they called it the “Island of Witches.” That’s because of the island’s long heritage of being home to mananambal (healers) and mambabarang (hexers). Walk through the narrow pathways and look into the tiny shops, and you’re likely to find small bottles of herbs, potions, amulets, and more dotting the shelves. Even today, Siquijor celebrates an annual Folk Healing Festival for a week before Easter at the foot of Mt. Bandilaan. Many healers from across the island bring herbs and potions, offering visitors age-old, local remedies for various conditions. If you didn’t secure enough OWLs to make it to Professor Snape’s potions class at Hogwarts, you could visit Siquijor to learn about potion-making.

4. Catemaco, Mexico

While the popular belief worldwide is that witches are always women or female-identifying, the truth is different. Men and male-identifying individuals also practice witchcraft, as can be attested to by the Brujos from Catemaco, Mexico. During the late 1900s, this town was home to the famous Mexican sorcerer Gonzalo Aguirre. Gonzalo would perform rituals for his clients – who happened to be businessmen and politicians. He also organized an annual conference celebrating magic and witchcraft, which still takes place today. Most Brujos in Catemaco are trained in traditional Mexican magic – which involves spiritual cleansing and healing. You can partake in a cleansing/healing or wander around exploring the beautiful natural landscapes and beaches.

5. Holmavik, Iceland

Iceland has an ancient history of pre-Christian pagan traditions. While most locals may have forgotten about it, the land remembers. The town of Holmavik is steeped in the country’s magical mythos. Plus, it is home to the world-renowned Museum of Magic and Witchcraft, which has a variety of talismans, altar tools, clothing, and other materials believed to have been used in magical workings before 1000AD. Bibliophiles will love seeing translations and transcripts of ancient Icelandic spell books designed to help users with anything from home protection to attracting a spouse.

6. Mayong, Assam

South Asia doesn’t typically feature on “witchy” lists because of the general lack of information about occult practices in the region. Yet, for those interested in seeing a South Asian magical community, the village of Mayong in Assam holds the moniker of “The Land of Black Magic.” The village is home to one of the region’s most prominent witch doctors, palm readers, and sorcerers.

What makes Mayong particularly special is how magic is generational knowledge passed on from parent to child, like any other trade. Locals say they have spells for everything – even ones that can change a leaf to a fish and back. Wildlife is a core component of the Mayong cultural beliefs. The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is located right next door. When here, you can also attend the annual festival called Mayong-Pobitora Festival, which combines tantra, mantra, and healing. 

7. Lome and Togoville, Togo

The neighboring cities of Lome and Togoville in Togo are famous for their Voodoo practitioners, rituals, and heritage. Voodoo – traditionally called “Voudon” – originated in West Africa. It is a practice that honors and worships local spirits (called loa) and ancestors of the land. Unlike witchcraft (a “craft/practice”), Voudon is a religion. People who enjoy learning about non-mainstream religions and esoteric practices such as spirit veneration and ritual work will love visiting Togo.

The town of Lome holds one of the largest Voodoo markets, which sells a variety of ritual supplies, from herbs to crystals to candles, that Voudon practitioners use as part of their work. You’ll also find “Fetishes,” which include animal hides, bones, severed limbs, etc., used for protection, healing, warding, etc. Those interested in healing from the Boko (Voudon sorcerers) can seek their service at the market.

Grab your ticket to your magical journey today!

Don’t these places to visit for witchy things sound fabulous? So book your ticket today and get started on your magical adventure. Connect with our like-minded magical people in our Travel-Wise community and search for itineraries that match the location you’re looking to create spells. We recommend the bus, train, or airplane, as a broomstick will soon get uncomfortable.

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