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Top 7 Best Places to Watch the Northern Lights

Posted September 11, 2023 in Top Contenders - Last updated August 8, 2023

Witnessing the magical Northern Lights is an experience on everyone’s bucket list. Many people wait a lifetime to witness this glorious natural wonder that is second to none. The Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, is a breathtaking natural wonder that attracts tourists worldwide. There are various countries and places where Northern Lights make an appearance. So, if you are finally ready to tick off this item from your bucket list, we have you covered. This top contender blog post will share the top 7 best places to watch the Northern Lights and have an unforgettable experience. Read on!

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1. Svalbard, Norway

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Svalbard in Norway is among the best and most popular places to witness the Northern Lights. It is a string of snow-covered Arctic islands between continental Norway and the North Pole.

If you’re looking for a genuinely unforgettable Northern Lights experience, Svalbard is the place to go. Here, you can take in the majestic spectacle in a remote setting surrounded by beautiful glaciers and fjords. Plan your visit from November to February for the best chance of catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis.

2. Kakslauttanen Resort, Finland

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If you are looking for the best place to watch the Northern Lights while enjoying a truly luxurious experience, Kakslauttanen in Finland is the place to be!

It is a stunning resort where you can watch the Northern lights and sleep under them too! Yes, you read it correctly! The place offers a unique experience where you can book a stay in a glass igloo and see the Lights up and close from the comfort of your bed. Apart from this, you can also enjoy activities like snowmobiling and skiing during the day. The best time to catch Northern Lights here is from August to April.

3. Fairbanks, Alaska

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Are you looking for the best places to the Northern Lights in Alaska? If yes, then make sure to visit Fairbanks!

Since Fairbanks is situated right under the Aurora Oval, it is one of the most dependable places to witness the Lights in Alaska. The town sees regular celestial displays of vibrant yellow, green, and purple hues from August till the end of April.

If you plan a three-day visit between September and March, you will have an 80% chance of seeing this phenomenon. Apart from witnessing the Northern Lights, you can enjoy winter activities like snow fishing and dog sledding. Further, there are multiple scenic trails where you can go hiking in Alaska.

4. Tromsø, Norway

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Tromsø is another popular location to witness the Northern Lights on the far north side of Norway. It is situated in the Northern Lights oval, and thus, you always have a good chance of witnessing the lights no matter the sun’s cycles.

One of the best things about Tromsø is its good flight connectivity. You can easily travel to the location and then take a cable car to the top of the mountain to see a breathtaking view of the Aurora Borealis.

5. Abisko, Sweden

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Abisko National Park in Sweden is another fantastic location to witness the Northern Lights. It’s in the aurora zone, so you’ll have plenty of clear skies for most of the year. So, you can easily catch a glimpse of this beautiful natural phenomenon.

Plus, there are many activities to participate in while you’re there, like skiing and snowmobiling. So, you will have plenty of things to keep yourself engaged while you are there.

6. Yellowknife, Canada

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Yellowknife is one of Canada’s best places to watch the Northern Lights display. It is the capital city of the Northwest Territories in Canada and is known for its stunning displays of the Aurora Borealis.

You can witness the lights from the city center or tour a more secluded spot. To get the best experience, plan your visit from mid-November to early April.

7. Iceland

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The Northern Lights are visible from all parts of Iceland. Multiple resorts and national parks offer great Northern Lights tours and packages. In addition, you can visit the capital city, Reykjavik, to see the Northern Lights up and close.

Moreover, Iceland has various beaches offering a breathtaking view of the Aurora Borealis. If you choose the good night, you can witness the whole sky dancing above you in the hues of green and purple. It is a truly surreal experience.

So, if you are hunting for the best places to watch the Northern Lights, Iceland should be a top choice!

Summing up

Witnessing the Northern Lights is an incredible experience that will never fail to impress you. From Alaska to Norway, there are countless places worldwide to witness this magnificent natural wonder. Each destination has something unique to offer. So, take note of all the destinations mentioned above and start planning your trip today!

The Aurora Borealis awaits!

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