Amazing Caves Around the World You Must Visit

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Caves have always attracted the attention of humans. They served as spiritual sites, graveyards, and places to find shelter during the prehistoric era. Since they can reveal details about historical climatic conditions, caves are currently the subject of numerous investigations. Travelers seek these caves out for recreational pleasure or physical exercise. Many stunning underground caverns are now shown caves for the marginally adventurous. The artificial lighting, landscaping, and many other services allow the sporadic traveler to see the caves with minimal inconvenience. There are several amazing caves around the world that you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

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Eisriesenwelt Cave in Austria

a man wearing red flashing light into a cave
Image source: Wikimedia

Situated just about 40 kilometers from Salzburg, Eisriesenwelt Cave, a spectacular display of ice and rock, is one of the most frequently visited caves in the world. With a depth of about 42 kilometers, Eisriesenwelt holds the title of being the world’s biggest ice cave. You can reach this incredible cave through two short paths and a picturesque cable car. However, remember to dress warmly because the interior gets somewhat chilly.

Reed Flute Cave in China

the water in the cave reflecting the colorful ceiling of the cave.
Image source: Flickr

This beloved destination, near the center of Guilin, is one of the most well-known caves in the world due to its unique limestone structures. The colorful illumination highlights the lovely stalagmite and stalactite patterns, making it a delight to explore the well-kept cave. The cave walls have writings dating back to the eighth century BCE. This magnificent cave, also called “The Palace of Natural Arts,” has grottos that can hold around 1,000 people simultaneously.

Sarawak Chamber in Malaysia

The Gua Nasib Bagus cave on Malaysia’s side of Borneo’s Gunung Mulu National Park is home to the world’s largest discovered cave chamber. This enormous cavern is challenging for the weak-hearted as getting there requires swimming, following a river upstream, and then walking along a ledge. It is advisable to have a tour guide, which the national park may arrange. This cave is a mammoth chamber with a length of 600 m, a width of 435 m, and a height of 115 m, making it easy to feel overwhelmed by its immensity.

Waitomo Caves in New Zealand

a cave with water inside and the opening covered with plants
Image source: Wikimedia

The Waitomo Caves, located outside the main Waitomo settlement, are among New Zealand’s top tourist attractions. The famous Waitomo glowworms live in these caves, tiny organisms with a shimmering luminescent glow. These caves are 30 million years old. They feature spectacular and vivid cave ornamentation, a magnificent Cathedral cavern renowned for its exceptional acoustics, and a large limestone beam known as the Tomo.

Carlsbad Cavern in the USA

2 people on a pathway looking inside the cave
Image source: Wikimedia

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, Carlsbad Cavern is situated in New Mexico’s Guadalupe Mountains. The main attraction here is the Big Room, a vast limestone chamber. Visitors can find a lot to do in these caves, including self-guided walks, camping, and dining inside. The Carlsbad national park also hosts numerous activities like bat fights, stargazing, and spelunking.

Fingal’s Cave in Scotland

a cave that has carved-like walls
Image source: Flickr

Fingal’s cave is a natural wonder on the Scottish island of Staffa in the Inner Hebrides. This cave has long been a source of inspiration for various media, including music, literature, and film. The main draw is the distinctive Paleocene hexagonal basalt pillars. Ancient rapidly cooled lava flows formed them. Visit this cave during low tide to avoid visiting when the tide is filling it with water. Sightseeing cruises are available from April to September. These cruises take tourists to the cave’s mouth. The walkway from the columns inside the cave is ideal for quick walks when the tide is in your favor.

Skocjan Caves in Slovenia

a cave with a bride inside
Image source: Wikimedia

These breathtaking caves in Slovenia are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These caves make you want to visit them more than once! Situated in Slovenia’s Karst region, are magnificent stalagmites and stalactite formations in the caves. The expertly planned guided trip will take you past breathtaking caves with rivers, waterfalls, and incredible natural formations. The entire journey through the cave is magical and unforgettable. After the trip, you can choose between using a stunning walking track or the funicular to return.

Patagonia Marble Caves in Chile

a small island cave made of marbles
Image source: Unsplash

The Patagonia Marble Caves are 6000 years old. It is a cave system made of pure marble, and a glacial lake, General Carrera, surrounds it. You can enter these caves only by boat. These caves are well known for their propensity to change their appearance frequently. The blue waters of the lake change in intensity and shade depending on the level of the water. The season and the temperature control water levels. The bluish hue of the water is beautifully reflected in the whirling formations of the cave walls, giving the entire cave a stunning look.

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