Best Solo Travel Destinations Around the World

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Traveling solo can be an incredibly rewarding and eye-opening experience. The freedom to set your own schedule, wander where your heart desires, and meet fascinating people from around the globe awaits. However, choosing the right destination is key to ensuring your solo trip goes smoothly. The perfect locale for solo travelers has just the right blend of safety, activities, infrastructure, and opportunities to connect with fellow adventurers.

Luckily, there are fantastic solo travel destinations scattered across the globe. From bustling European cities to remote Pacific islands, the solo traveler is spoiled for choice. We’ve compiled a list of the top five best solo travel destinations around the world. Whether you prefer immersing yourself in culture and cuisine, adventuring through stunning landscapes, or finding travel buddies in a social hostel, you’re sure to find your perfect match on this list. Keep reading for our top recommendations, along with tips to make the most of your time exploring on your own. The world is waiting, and these amazing destinations are ideal for your next solo trip!

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Top Solo Travel Destinations

Destination 1: Japan

Japan is a top-rated solo travel destination, offering a safe environment and endless fascination for travelers. Some highlights include:

  • Tokyo: Explore the neon cityscapes, people watch in Harajuku, and indulge in mouthwatering ramen.
  • Kyoto: Immerse yourself in serene temples, zen gardens, and rich history.
  • Hiking: Trek through the Japanese Alps, walk the Nakasendo Trail, or climb Mt. Fuji.
  • Capsule hotels: Experience these very affordable, uniquely Japanese lodgings.
  • Onsen: Soak in the relaxing hot spring baths found across the country.
  • Bullet trains: Zip easily between cities and admire Japan’s sleek infrastructure.

With its reputation for safety, cleanliness, convenience, and friendliness towards solo travelers, Japan is a can’t-miss destination.

Destination 2: New Zealand

From majestic peaks to turquoise waters, New Zealand enthralls solo travelers with its astounding natural landscapes. Top attractions include:

  • Hiking the Milford Track: Complete one of the world’s most scenic multi-day treks amongst soaring mountains and lush rainforest.
  • Exploring Queenstown: Dare to go bungee jumping, jet boating, or canyon swinging in this adventure hub.
  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing: Trek this otherworldly volcanic terrain for phenomenal views.
  • Waiheke Island wine tasting: Sip acclaimed local wines on this breezy island escape from Auckland.
  • Glacier kayaking: Paddle up close to massive icebergs for a cool thrill.

With tons of backpacker accommodations and tour groups catering to solo travelers, New Zealand offers an easy-to-navigate adventure paradise.

Destination 3: Italy

From ancient ruins to world-renowned art, Italy gratifies the solo traveler’s curiosity and love for la dolce vita. Top highlights include:

  • Rome: Lose yourself wandering historic piazzas, tossing coins in the Trevi Fountain, and exploring the Colosseum and Vatican.
  • Florence: Marvel at the Duomo, Michelangelo’s David, and the galleries of the Uffizi.
  • Cinque Terre: Hike between colorful cliffside villages and relax by the seaside.
  • Sicilian beaches: Soak up the sun on gorgeous beaches like Mondello and enjoy seafood by the Mediterranean.
  • Pompeii: Step back in time while wandering the preserved ruins of this city.

With its pedestrian-friendly cities bursting with culture, landscapes from coast to mountains, and locally-focused culinary experiences, Italy entices solo wanderers.

Destination 4: Germany

Germany wows solo visitors with its deep history, vibrant cities, natural beauty, and renowned beer culture. The top picks include:

  • Berlin: Join a walking tour to see remnants of the Berlin Wall, street art, and Holocaust memorials.
  • Munich: Sip beers, people watch, and take day trips to Neuschwanstein Castle and Dachau.
  • The Romantic Road: Drive this scenic route, stopping at medieval towns and the Bavarian Alps.
  • Cologne: Marvel at the immense Gothic Cologne Cathedral.
  • Black Forest: Wander shaded hiking trails and stay in a remote mountain village.

With efficient public transportation, abundant hostels, and endless cultural insights, Germany is a playground for solo travelers.

Destination 5: Australia

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Outback, Australia’s natural grandeur and laid back coastal vibes lure solo wanderers from across the globe. Top experiences include:

  • Diving the Great Barrier Reef: Swim amongst dazzling corals and marine life.
  • Surfing in Bondi Beach: Ride the waves like a local after a surf lesson.
  • Road tripping the Great Ocean Road: Soak up iconic coastal scenery via car or tour bus.
  • Spotting wildlife in Kakadu National Park: Look for crocs, kangaroos, and exotic birds.
  • Bar hopping in Melbourne: Mingle with locals over craft beer in alleyway bars.

With endless hostel connections, tours tailored to solo travelers, and heaps of outdoor adventures, Australia promises an unforgettable solo escape.

Tips for Solo Travelers

Traveling independently can be immensely rewarding, but it also comes with its own unique considerations. Use these tips to make the most of your solo adventure from start to finish:

  • Travel safety: Be proactive about your security by researching areas in advance, only taking registered taxis, and avoiding poorly lit streets at night. Carry emergency cash in case your cards are stolen. Check in with loved ones regularly.
  • Meeting other travelers:  Stay in sociable hostels, join a walking tour on your first day, and chat with people about your activities and transport. The world is full of potential new friends.
  • Booking tours and activities: Do your research and book through reputable companies. Read reviews and know what’s included. Tours can be a great way to do more activities and ensure the safety of a group.
  • Off-the-beaten path adventures: Take yourself out of your comfort zone! Try a new extreme sport, go on a multi-day trek, or visit remote communities. Being solo is the perfect chance to challenge yourself.
  • Learning basic phrases: Even just learning “hello,” “thank you,” and “do you speak English?” can make you feel less isolated and allow for wonderful interactions.
  • Splurge on experiences: Want to sip champagne in a rooftop lounge or get a lavish couple’s massage alone? Go for it! Treat yourself without needing permission.
  • Vary accommodations: Alternate hostels and hotels, or try something new like a Ryokan, eco-lodge, or Airbnb with other travelers. Add some variety to your trip.
  • Meet locals: Use apps, walking tours, cooking classes, or homestays. Locals can provide insider tips and different perspectives.

Best Time to Visit Top Solo Destinations

Planning a solo adventure means having the freedom to travel when you want, but checking the calendar is still key. The best time to visit your destinations depends on seasonal factors like:

High vs. low season: During the high season between June to August, you’ll get the best weather but more crowds and higher prices. The shoulder seasons of spring and fall provide moderate weather and costs. A low winter season means fewer tourists, lower prices, and chilly weather. Mix up high energy destinations with more relaxed ones when planning.

Weather considerations: Some common factors

  • Japan’s best from March-May and September-November, with mild temperatures and low rain. Avoid hot, humid summers.
  • New Zealand shines from October to April with moderate temperatures and little rain. Winters are chilly, with more snow in the mountains.
  • Italy basks in Mediterranean sunshine May–September, with temps in the 70s–80s °F but more crowds. Shoulder season is still pleasant.
  • Germany sees cooler temps year round, so layer clothing. Summer’s best for outdoor activities, while Christmas markets shine in the winter.
  • Australia swelters from November to February, with temperatures exceeding 100°F. The winter months of June–August bring milder weather.
  • Holidays and events: Popular holidays like Christmas or New Year’s can make lodging scarce but provide a festive ambiance. Research events too, like Carnival in Venice or Oktoberfest in Munich.

Remaining flexible with your dates will allow you to maximize great weather and social experiences while avoiding major crowds and high costs. Consider last-minute trips to take advantage of flight deals too!

Packing Tips for Solo Travelers

Packing light and smart is an essential skill for a solo traveler. Follow these tips to breeze through airports and stay organized on the road:

  • Essential items: Make sure to pack a valid ID, passport, necessary medications, insurance information, backup payment methods, and an unlocked smartphone.
  • Minimizing luggage: Stick to a carry-on and personal item. Roll clothes to conserve space and bring lightweight, quick-drying fabrics. Wear your bulkiest shoes and jacket while traveling.
  • Multi-purpose clothing: Choose neutral colors that can be mixed and matched. Bring layers to add warmth and a waterproof jacket. Scarves and wraps add styling options.
  • Travel-size toiletries: Decant shampoo, sunscreen, and other liquids into bottles under 3 ounces to get through security. Buy more essentials at your destination.
  • Photocopies of documents: In case of emergency, keep copies of your passport, visas, reservations, etc. in your luggage or upload them to the cloud.
  • Stylish, sturdy, packable bag: Having a daypack or foldable tote allows you to carry just the necessities on day trips.
  • Electronics: Bring just essential tech like a phone, e-reader, camera, and chargers. A portable battery pack aids off-the-grid travel.
  • First aid kit: Pack bandages, medications, hydration salts, and other basics to treat minor issues. Research if any specialty medications could be needed.

Traveling light will give you freedom and peace of mind. Utilize packing cubes, laundromats abroad, and multi-use items to make the most of your solo bag space.


Traveling solo lets you explore the world at your own speed. You can fully immerse yourself in new cultures and make meaningful connections. There are tons of amazing destinations perfect for solo travelers. Pick a place that matches your interests and travel style. Also, choose the best time to visit to avoid crowds and high prices. Pack light and prepare properly for your trip. Use resources made for solo travelers. Keep an open mind and be ready for new experiences. A solo trip will help you learn about the world, gain new perspectives, and discover more about yourself.

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