How To Pack Cosmetics For Travel

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When Beyonce, aka Queen B, said, “That’s one of the things I love about makeup–you can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.”, she knew what she was talking about. Cosmetics aren’t just aesthetics; they allow us to become fearless, powerful, confident, and ready to take on the world. Makeup allows us to let the world see the beautiful butterflies, strong warriors, and creative ninjas we are underneath our daily façade.

So, when planning a long vacation – perhaps one that involves different seasons – you would be eager to know how to keep your cosmetics safe when traveling. In this article, we share a few simple tips to try and be super effective in keeping your cosmetics from harm. Let’s dive in and learn how to pack cosmetics for travel.

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A padded makeup bag will save you a LOT of trouble

While we’re all for a gorgeous and spacious makeup box to hold our prized cosmetics, they’re not the best when traveling. For portability, we recommend a small-to-medium-sized makeup bag that’s padded. This extra padding will protect your bottles, tubes, and pencils. Preventing them from exploding or coming loose due to the weight of the other packed items.

To give your makeup bag more protection, place it in the center of your suitcase/bag and surround it with soft, fluffy clothes.

Repack cosmetics in smaller containers

If the package holding your makeup is too chunky or delicate, repack your makeup in something else. For example, you can always take creamy makeup from its original bottle and store it in something smaller or sturdier. Or, if you don’t need the external package to use the cosmetic, just set it aside.

If you don’t want to do this, try to find travel-size cosmetics designed to be portable. Most brands have travel-size products these days.

Avoid the powdery ones

Any makeup that is of a powdery texture should generally be avoided because it is likely to break apart very quickly. Also, if you haven’t stored it correctly, the powder can coat everything, making it a cleaning nightmare. Plus, you’ll be left without cosmetics and have to buy new ones so you can choose creams and liquids instead of powder.

Always pack palettes

In saying “no powder, ” we know that sometimes powder can’t be avoided. So, always purchase palettes instead of individual packs, whether eye shadow, highlighter, blush, or blemish corrector.

Although you’ll have a favorite that suits your skin tone and goes with most outfits, it’s better to have a multi-color palette for special or unanticipated occasions. Plus, a palette is easier to pack and takes up less space in your bag. This gives you more makeup options when traveling. These days, you get palettes that offer metallic, shimmering, and matte colors within the same box, allowing you to work magic for your social media pictures.

Here’s an extra tip you’ll find handy – place a cotton pad on the powder before closing the lid. This cotton pad will give your powder palette some extra protection.

Get creative and choose products that can fulfill multiple purposes

Some products are highly versatile. For example, you can use your blush as an eye shadow, and some makeup brushes can be reused to apply multiple products. Doing this can limit the space your cosmetics take up. That will give you more space to bring back an alluring makeup product from your destination and add it to your cosmetics pile.

Get long-wear and waterproof cosmetics

One of the best ways to make do with fewer makeup essentials is to choose those designed for extended use and waterproof. That way, you won’t need to refresh your makeup too often or need different palettes, bottles, or pencils for a day vs. night look. Instead, you will remain looking fresh and put-together for the entire day.

Plan your looks if you can

Some vacations allow you to plan your looks, especially those involving dining out or visiting certain places or monuments. If you have an itinerary with you, it becomes super easy to plan what outfit you’ll wear and what type of makeup to pair it with. You can then take only those products that you will need.

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