Packing Tips for a Rainy Destination

Posted May 3, 2022 in Travel Guide - Last updated November 14, 2023


Traveling to a destination during the rainy season might seem like a bad idea. It’s essential to do travel research to find out which places have rainy seasons and which don’t. However, there are many benefits to destinations with rainy seasons too. The most significant advantage of traveling during the monsoon is that it is generally considered off-season. This means that you can find flights and hotels at cheaper rates, and the crowds will also be significantly less. A rainy destination will not damage your plans if you are adequately prepared. You will be able to rack up better experiences. This article will provide some packing tips for traveling smartly to a rainy destination. Let’s get straight to it.

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1. Choose a hard shell suitcase

When traveling to a rainy destination, the primary concern is keeping your belongings safe from water. If you carry a soft-shell trolley, the chances are that it will get wet in the rain and also catch all the dirt from the puddles. Soft-shell bags are also notoriously hard to clean. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by investing in a hard-shell bag when traveling in rainy weather. A hard-shell bag will repel any form of moisture. This means that your belongings will remain safe, but they will also last you longer. If you prefer carrying shoulder bags on your trip, consider investing in a waterproof or water-resistant one.

2. Avoid taking jeans with you

When packing clothes for rainy weather, the biggest mistake you can make is taking jeans with you. It takes very long to dry when jeans get wet since they tend to absorb moisture. You will be left with soggy and uncomfortable bottom wear throughout the trip. That does not mean you must wear squishy rain pants throughout your journey. Consider going for leggings or twill pants as a better alternative. If it is an icy destination, you can wear fleece-lined leggings to keep you warm and toasty.

3. Pack some waterproof pouches

To protect your belongings inside the bag, you should consider taking some waterproof pouches or dry bags with you. Waterproof pouches can be brought to many uses. For example, keep your rain boots inside to prevent your other belongings from getting dirty. It can also be used to keep your umbrella. Most sleeves with umbrellas are not great and often have residual water inside them. Dry pouches can also stash rain jackets, cell phones, socks, scarves, hats, etc. You get the idea. Taking extra dry bags with you is always good to keep your belongings safe during the trip.

4. Take all-weather shoes

When you think of all-weather shoes, rubber shoes usually come to mind. With many different styles of rubber shoes on the market these days, you do not have to rely on ugly rainboots for your trip. However, rubber boots are not the most comfortable for long distances, and packing them can be quite a hassle. Therefore, looking for adventure footwear and hiking boots for your trip would be best. These come in many different styles to look quite fashionable on your journey. It is a worthy investment if you want to prevent slips and falls on your adventures.

5. Pack some small towels

You might think, “What is the need to carry small towels when I already have a big one?”. However, a small towel can be handy on your trips to a rainy destination. The chances of getting caught in the rain are very high in the monsoons. The sooner you embrace that fact, the better prepared you can be. Then, when you go back indoors after getting caught in the rain, you can use a small towel to dry yourself and any belongings you may have at the time.

6. Forget the umbrella

If you are short on space, and even if you are not, an umbrella can be left out. Although it is the first thing that comes to mind when packing for a rainy destination, it might not be beneficial. Umbrellas tend to bump into people as you walk along and are more likely to be forgotten in places. Instead of packing an umbrella, it would be more beneficial to take a good quality rain jacket. They are easier to carry and can be worn without bumping into people as you walk by.


Now that you have some great packing tips for taking your essentials to rainy destinations, you can plan your trip better. Remember that it is always better to pack light on your travels, as it will make commuting easier. So don’t hesitate and plan your next trip to a rainy destination.

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