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Capturing A Night Timelapse Of The Sky

Posted September 26, 2022 in Engineering Around Travel - Last updated November 9, 2023

My friends and I often go high into the mountains, the furthest beaches, and deep into the natural world, where things move much slower, and problems seem more straightforward. Staring into the quiet serenity of the night far from home can feel awe-inspiring. It just so happens that my friend Liang captured this on one of our forays into the Cascade Mountains at a small lake called “Tank Lake.” What he captured that evening is incredible, and the video speaks louder than words. Check out this beautiful night timelapse of the sky over a lake. Looking closely, you will see Liang caught some rare glimpses of the aurora borealis in the footage!

Beautiful. If you liked this video, be sure to like and subscribe to Liang’s channel, as I know his adventures and capturing the beauty of this world are just beginning. I look forward to seeing more fantastic footage, including a timelapse of the sky over a lake. I know we already have more adventures lined up!

When we venture out into the wilderness, we can be pretty isolated, seeing only a few other souls out there. But we’ve been inspired to take the adventure into our own hands. Seek discomfort. And pave our path to experience new things. We hope to see you out there, exploring the planet, the cultures, and the unknown with us. If you feel inspired to embrace something new, we hope to see you at Travel-Wise. The place to help inspire and assist you on your next adventures.

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