Why You Should Not Wait To Travel

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Some of you reading this may be counting your days to retirement. Possibly, even early retirement, where you plan to live out your years, venturing the world with your family. Give me this moment to sway your mind that travel is more beneficial for you now than when you retire. Further, is retirement really what you seek? Most feel lost and absent of purpose after retirement. If you can manage it, don’t wait to travel. Do it often as you have a budget; if not, make a budget! A life of travel and experiences is a very well-lived life. Let’s dive into why you should not wait to travel.

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You Gain Understanding

Not everyone is as curious as I am, but if you are curious and keep your mind open to culture, perspectives, and differences, there is a whole world for you to explore. When I’ve traveled, especially to foreign countries, I am always intrigued and yearning to talk to locals, read their versions of history, and absorb the culture. I want to understand ancient history and recent history and have an idea of where things are going. Whatever it may be and without judgment.

With this simple frame of mind, how much you can learn is incredible. It is amazing to find how much people are willing to share. Finding other intellectual scholars from other countries will leave you with hours of conversation and connection. The two of you will walk away with many different perspectives shared.

This kind of personal information system is outstanding for broad trends and perspectives. Applied and used to balance your own, you will find yourself much more knowledgeable and balanced. For example, many folks today radicalize many issues because local and immediate problems may seem terrible. Still, with your external view of the world, you can bring reason and order to things in your communities. Further, there are a lot of human social and economic lessons to be learned from history that can be applied in all sorts of ways today.

Plus, learning history and culture this way will stick with your memory much more sharply than reading from a book. As a result, you will truly gain a deeper understanding of many things.

You Need Your Youth For The Best

The traditional form of travel for enterprises and entrepreneurs used to be for the youth. Now, our modern world pitches it as a thing to do in retirement. I will say that a lot of the best things to see in this world will require real strength, courage, and bravery to see and do. You will miss all these opportunities if you wait for retirement to travel. You will not have a reset button to try again. Therefore, I strongly encourage that if you have a travel bug, want to get out and explore the ancient ruins, hike the famous mountains, and scuba dive those reefs while you can.

Indeed, I am not talking about more of the adventurer style of travel here. These experiences are pure, raw, unsafe, and less commercial. I feel these are the best ways to experience the world truly.

Further, for me, I don’t exercise to lose weight. Instead, I exercise to enjoy activities I love without hurting myself. This has given me constant motivation over the years to keep in shape. It is a much more lasting goal.

Lastly, the world is changing. I’ve seen it vastly change myself since I started traveling. Today, the landscape is shifting faster than anyone ever imagined, and it may only be speeding up. The world as we know it is changing to be less hospitable and more erratic. This will only make more stretches inaccessible over time and void of life.

You Make Friends

You should not wait to travel to make friends. I’ve made a good handful of friends over the years of traveling. Not just connections that have faded after we departed either. Connections where we have stayed in touch and plan to meet on future travels. These connections are lasting and will stick with me.

I look forward to seeing some of the friends I’ve made from all over the world. It is a strange but exciting connection that limited people will understand until you experience it, too. It feels excellent to build such connections with people from all over the world.

You Feel More Fulfilled

Life is many things, but it is not easy. When things get overwhelming, your life and the experiences you’ve had in travel with friends and family will stick with you like an anchor, always pointing you towards the light. When a hurdle in life challenges you, you will remember the biggest hurdles you’ve conquered. “I’ve hiked to Machu Pichu. I climbed to the top of Denali. I’ve trekked deep into the core of the Amazon Rainforest.” All these personal anchors and feats that stand tall will give you confidence in yourself and your ability to conquer the challenges ahead.

Did I convince you? At least, I hope to have piqued your interest. So, start learning how to plan your next big adventure today! If you have any other questions or want more tips and tricks, join our community and connect with other travelers to learn more!

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