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Mumbai, India in 3 Days

Posted December 7, 2022 in Itinerary Of The Week - Last updated September 1, 2023

A city renowned for its glitz and glamour, Mumbai is the dream destination for millions of Indians and foreigners alike. Especially for those who want to make it big in the film industry. But even if you don’t have any aspirations to be an actor, a holiday in Mumbai can be a great way to experience India in all its glory. Let’s explore how much we can see of Mumbai in 3 days.

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Exploring Mumbai

During your trip, you’ll visit critical historical landmarks dating from the Mughal and colonial times. You’ll also take a day trip to visit – not one, but two – UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, you’ll be able to treat yourself to delicious Indian snacks from roadside vendors during the day and dine at the fanciest clubs and restaurants at night.

Regarding a family-friendly vacation, a holiday in Mumbai has something for everyone. This is a city that has world-class amenities and excellent public transport connectivity. You can save a pretty penny by riding the local trams and inner-city trains. But cabs are inexpensive too.

A trip to Mumbai film city will be a dream for those who want to be star-struck. You can relax on the beachside at Juhu in the evening, soaking your feet in the waves or sipping a cold one at one beachside pub.

Using our itinerary to start your planning fast

Tourists interested in the city’s religious and cultural diversity can go to some of the most renowned temples in the world here. Undoubtedly, your holiday in Mumbai will be jam-packed with exciting things to do. Check out our other itineraries to chain to your plans here, and consider trying our itinerary generator.

Use our itinerary to Mumbai and start customizing your upcoming trip today! While visiting India, be sure to chain together some of our other itineraries to maximize your visit!

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