San Ignacio, Belize in 6 Days

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What do hieroglyphic writing, astronomy, and calendar systems have in common? First, they were all developed by one of the most advanced civilizations in Central America, the Mayans. We have the perfect template itinerary for you in Belize to explore the San Ignacio Mayan ruins. Let’s explore how much we can see of San Ignacio in 6 Days.

Whether you are a cultured traveler, an adventure enthusiast, or a family seeking a get-away where everyone will learn and experience something new.

Exploring San Ignacio

If you’re a history buff, love archeology, or have a penchant for ancient people, you’ll love this prosperous dive into history. This template itinerary covers a tour of Belize’s San Ignacio Mayan ruins. The San Ignacio Mayan ruins are massive and magnificent. You will find an extensive network of caves, pyramids, and temples with stone carvings. On your six-day holiday, you’ll visit different ruins and immerse yourself in the lives these ancient people led.

Afterward, hire a guide from the friendly local population and walk on foot. You will be tracing the footsteps of the land’s ancient denizens. Find excavation spots rich with age-old sculptures, utensils, tools, and items. Go tubing into the dark, visit exciting caves weaving in and around ruins, and experience the heart of the Earth like the Mayans must have all those millennia ago.

There are buffer days in between for you to use at your discretion. Explore other smaller San Ignacio Mayan ruins or the town. You can also pamper yourself at your resort. The choice is yours. The local architecture, the tropical zoo with unique local animals, and quaint restaurants with delicious aromas wafting out of them are all very inviting.

Using our itinerary to start your planning fast

Check out the hot itinerary below from Travel-Wise that outlines a low-complexity trip to San Ignacio in Belize, which is right smack in the center of many ancient Mayan ruins that are awe-inspiring. The cave tours where the ancient Mayans would commit holy sacrifices. The caves themselves feel otherworldly and alien almost. Given that San Ignacio is the hub, the entire stay will center around it, with daily excursions to local ruins or caves. This itinerary is unique and something you will not see or experience in other parts of the world.

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