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Kolkata, India in 3 days

Posted January 17, 2024 in Itinerary Of The Week - Last updated November 8, 2023

India is a destination perfect for all kinds of travelers, be it culture and history buffs or adventure seekers. If you are looking for a spiritual and cultural experience on your next vacation with an opportunity to taste the delectable Indian cuisine, visiting the culture-rich city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India, is the way to go. Let’s explore how much we can see Kolkata in 4 days.

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Exploring the Kolkata

Kolkata has several cultural and historical monuments you can explore. First-time visitors can start with the Victoria Memorial, which houses many sculptures and artworks. You can also explore the Indian Museum, Fort William, Marble Palace Mansion, Howrah Bridge, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, the Tomb of Mother Teresa, and Eden Gardens.

For a spiritual experience, Kolkata offers many places, including Belur Mutt, Kalighat Kali Temple, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The city also has many sites where you can enjoy its exquisite wildlife. This includes the stunning Sonajhuri Forest, Alipore Zoo, the Calcutta Botanical Gardens, and Central Park.

Kolkata is also famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. Enjoy some of the most delicious dishes here, like Kathi rolls, Mughlai Parathas, Mishti Doi, and Pav Bhaaji.

Visiting the culture-rich city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India, is a must-do on a backpacking tour to the culturally diverse Indian subcontinent.

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