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Oslo, Norway in 3 days

Posted August 9, 2023 in Itinerary Of The Week - Last updated September 1, 2023

Norway is a country famous not only for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its rich heritage. This beautiful country, along with having one of the friendliest people, is undoubtedly one of the perfect places to spend your vacation. You can look at natural wonders, iconic buildings, artworks, and beautiful parks as a part of this Oslo itinerary. Most people here speak English so that you can get by quickly. Above all, you can enjoy walking on the beautiful streets and taking buses between cities. Let’s explore how much we can see Oslo in 3 days.

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Exploring the Oslo

The best place to begin your holiday in Norway is in the nation’s capital, Oslo. There are numerous spectacular monuments and museums to enjoy here, including the magnificent Oslo Cathedral, the Munch Museum, the Oslo City Museum, and the Museum of Cultural History. You can also bask in the gardens of Frogner Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Make sure to also check out a show at the National Opera Theatre.

In addition, you can visit the nearby city of Akershus on your last day in Norway. Attractions include the Oscarsborg Fortress, the Høyt & Lavt climbing park, and the Museum of the Norwegian Resistance. If you are lucky, you might even be able to watch the Aurora Borealis.

Finally, stroll along the spectacular Oslofjord to rejuvenate after a hectic day.

Using our itinerary to start your planning fast

This itinerary gives you a fantastic way to enjoy your holiday in Norway on a budget of $400-1,000 (USD). Check out our other itineraries to chain to your plans here, and consider trying our itinerary generator.

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