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Tonquin Valley Trail, Canada in 6 days

Posted November 15, 2023 in Itinerary Of The Week - Last updated November 8, 2023

If you are looking for a memorable hiking vacation while immersing yourselves in the beauty of nature, then enjoying the Tonquin Valley Trail Hike in Jasper, Canada, should have a top spot on your bucket list. This incredible trail is difficult to hike, but you will be rewarded with the most stunning alpine views. Let’s view our Tonquin Valley Trail itinerary below. Let’s explore how much we can see of Tonquin Valley Trail in 6 days.

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Exploring the Tonquin Valley Trail

The access point on the first day is Astoria Trailhead. You can hike toward the Astoria Campsite, take in the Astoria River views, and admire the sunrise over the stunning Cavell Glacier and Mount Edith Cavell.

The itinerary’s second day is hiking from Astoria Campsite to Surprise Point. You can explore Chrome Lake and enjoy a breakfast picnic. You can also explore Surprise Point, snap some pics, and watch grouse before calling it a day.

The third day in the itinerary offers a detour to enjoy an easy hiking experience in the Eremite Valley. While hiking, you can snap insta-worthy photos of the Little Ice Age glacial moraines and the breathtaking Ramparts Mountain Range.

On the fourth day, the hike is from Surprise Point to Amethyst Lakes campsite, which is problematic. On the fifth day, you can begin your exit journey from Amethyst Lake to Portal Campground. There are brooks, several endemic faunas, and wildflowers you can enjoy on your journey here.

The end stretch of the trip on the sixth day is from Portal Campground to Portal Creek Trailhead. You can also have a hearty lunch at the finish point.

Using our itinerary to start your planning fast

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