Botswana In 4 Days

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Botswana has beautiful, lush wilderness, wildlife, and the spectacular Kalahari Desert. A lovely holiday in Botswana with the family is the perfect way to enjoy everything the country offers. So, let’s dive in and discover what exploring Botswana offers! Let’s explore how much we can see of Botswana In 4 Days.

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Exploring Botswana

The main attraction in Botswana is its bountiful nature. There are numerous lush and beautiful places to explore here, like the Mokolodi Nature Reserve, the iconic Okavango Delta, and the Moremi Game Reserve. In addition, there are numerous species of flora and fauna to explore here. This itinerary will give you the perfect way to go on a safari, go fishing, take mokoro rides, go horseback riding, and even spend time visiting and interacting with orphaned elephants. You can also enjoy a sunset at Kgale Hill.

You should also check out the local cuisine on this trip. Seswaa, Botswana’s national dish, and bush braai at the Mokolodi Nature Reserve are worth trying. You should also explore the Riverwalk Mall for some trinkets.

Botswana is not just about getting lost in the beauty of its nature. You can also explore several historical and cultural monuments and museums here, like the Three Dikgosi Monument and the National Museum and Art Gallery. Botswana also has religious sites like the Christ the King Cathedral, Balaji Temple, and ISKCON Gaborone. 

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