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Travel-Wise to 2023!

Posted December 19, 2022 in News - Last updated November 4, 2023

2022 feels like it has come and gone in the blink of an eye. The last few years may have felt a touch like a roller coaster for many across the world. However, we are still here, and I am ready to embrace 2023! Travel-Wise as a website has been fleshing out and focusing on improving the user experience. We had our grand opening, and that is just getting started! Let’s review what we’ve achieved and where we are going as we take Travel-Wise to 2023!

To build a community, we must ensure folk who visit Travel-Wise quickly understand the value of Travel-Wise and see if we get more visitors to try the tooling. So, our primary focus in 2023 is to establish a community of passionate travelers worldwide and unite to inspire others to travel and take all the tedious work out of planning.

In reflecting on 2022

  • The website has hit its grand opening with our minimal viable product of the tooling.
  • We’ve continued to try and grow our search engine optimization to help Travel-Wise be discoverable.
  • We’ve fine-tuned our social media growth. As a result, our social media content has improved!
  • We’ve visited several countries (for example, Belize and Turkey) and went on epic hikes with Travel-Wise to test the tooling in real rugged travel scenarios. Rigorous field testing and continuous bug fixing.

Onwards to 2023!

  • More guides to help ease new users into the website and understand the tooling better.
  • More video content is coming to our social media accounts through travel tips!
  • Further user experience improvements to help make the website’s UI more intuitive.
  • Further integration of social systems of the website and investment in community building.
  • Seeking ways to integrate booking into the trip planner to make it easier to book your travel plans.
  • Fleshing out tooling so Travel-Wise community members can quickly find others to travel with a like-minded travel mentality.

On a personal note, despite the world constantly changing, we’ve still made it a point to embrace the uncomfortable, get out, and continue traveling worldwide. We’ve been on epic ski trips through Vancouver (Canada), Utah, and Colorado (USA), scuba diving in Maldives, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands, mountaineering through Washington state and visiting Kauai, Hawaii, Turkey, and Mexico. We’ve constantly found new ways to push ourselves to try new things, met great people, and used Travel-Wise to its fullest to drive, making travel quicker and more accessible than ever.

Happy Holidays, and stay tuned!

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