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Travel-Wise Launch!

Posted October 10, 2022 in News - Last updated May 31, 2023

It has been a long journey up to this point, yet here we are! Travel-Wise as a product is launching and now looking to expand its content through its user base. Being community-driven is at the core of Travel-Wise. We are committed to building and evolving the platform to enable travel professionals, travel content creators, and adventurers who want to have an easier time planning their trips to do more. More as in, save time, gain knowledge, and enhance your travel in all ways. Welcome to the Travel-Wise launch!

Our journey is just beginning, though. At the heart of our growth is our users, and we hope to find key users that will help user Travel-Wise, provide feedback, and help make it the best travel tooling and community around. So if you have any feedback on how we can achieve that together, please contact us immediately!

We aspire to appeal to travel professionals and content creators by giving them

  • Ability to advertise their itineraries taken
  • Ability to plan group trips
  • Ability to share travel plans with live updates
  • Share your adventure at the end of the trip
  • Find new ways that your content, website, and travel expertise can get noticed

For travelers, we aspire to

  • Make it easier than ever to use templates to build a quick plan and then customize it to your needs
  • Give search filters that can help quickly narrow down template itineraries to your interests
  • After you finish your trip, share it on social media, with friends and family, or on your blog
  • Easily coordinate your trip plans across multiple members and coordinate information
  • Journal the trip together to create memories
  • Quickly join an open trip that matches your needs and join other avid travelers

Be sure to check out some of our new demo videos that helps demonstrate some of the capabilities of Travel-Wise. More to come!

We genuinely hope you are excited to see, use, and improve Travel-Wise as much as we are! Be sure to drop us a note directly with our contact us page. Alternatively, make a new feature request for us here (you must log in first)! Let’s get the adventure started!

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