AI Itinerary Generation Comes To Travel-Wise

Posted April 10, 2023 in News - Last updated November 5, 2023


Chat GPT, Microsoft Co-Pilot, and Google Bard are current hot products revolutionizing content generation. Their powerful but inaccurate generative capabilities aid in idea and content creation, and I believe we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible. At Travel-Wise, we aim to embrace and integrate these tools to offer our users new capabilities to generate and act on travel ideas quickly. AI Itinerary Generation now comes to Travel-Wise!

Our trip-planning tool allows you to generate itineraries and fully integrate them. Additionally, we’ve implemented contextual content generation to speed up your planning process within the trip planner. All of these features are available for you to explore today!

To start and toy with our AI generation capabilities, read up on these features here. If you have ideas on how we can better save you time with AI generation or otherwise, reach out to us and let us know!

We intend to offer generative ideas as more than a gimmick but a way to add and start hammering out your future travel plans faster than ever. Since the information from these AIs is not always accurate, we recommend them as an idea source. That said, our Forums and community-rated itineraries are available on the website to help stipulate generated content. Further, we are always there to help make more informed choices over what may have been generated.

Yet, the ability to generate and get planning off the ground more quickly is compelling. Unfortunately, analysis paralysis is a real thing regarding travel planning. This leads to folk spending too much time or not planning (the old winging-it approach). This, of course, eats your time and patience and takes away from what you should be enjoying the adventure.

As AI generative tools continue to improve, we’ll keep on the lookout and add these capabilities to Travel-Wise. This ensures the tooling remains the best for travel planning and enables the fastest trip planning!

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