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Planning The Perfect Road Trip Adventure With a Toddler

Posted May 1, 2023 in Travel Guide - Last updated November 5, 2023

Going on a road trip with a toddler is not easy. A road trip is unlike other forms of travel. You do not get to stay in one place for longer, and thus. It can be challenging for young kids to adjust. But you can make it a fun and enriching experience for yourself and your baby by planning correctly. So, if you are ready to hit the road, your darling baby, this blog post is for you! We will share some excellent road trips with toddler hacks to help you plan the perfect adventure with a toddler.

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Five tried and tested hacks for road trips with toddlers

1. Let your toddlers be active

Sitting in a car for an extended period is practically impossible for your young kids. More often than not, they are buzzing with energy and want to play and run around. So, try to make small stops – preferably near a park or a garden – during your journey and let your toddler move.

It is a great way to entertain your kid while traveling. In this way, they will not be cranky and can enjoy the journey.

2. Entertain your toddler with road games

A road trip with a toddler can be exhausting for you and boring for them. If you drive for hours, your toddler will get bored and fussy. Then, they will likely demand to play on your phone or tablet. While it is okay for a couple of hours to reduce your toddler’s screen time on the road trip, try engaging them with exciting road games.

For example, you can ask them trivia questions, ask them to recognize the color of cars driving by, describe the scenery, etc. You can also pack games like road trip bingo, scavenger hunt, or even their favorite musical instrument. It will keep your kid busy, and you will have the time to focus on the road.

3. Pack a lot of healthy snacks and drinks

Vacations and trips are perfect for indulging in your favorite junk food and snacks. However, don’t let your toddler munch only on chips and chocolates during the road trip. Instead, pack a bag of light and healthy snacks like apples, bananas, dry fruits, wheat crackers, etc.

Avoid sugary snacks, candies, and drinks, as they can lead to an energy crash and make your toddler fussy.

4. Take turns driving the car

If you are taking a road trip with your partner or another adult, take turns at the wheel. This will allow the other person to sit beside the toddler in the backseat and keep them entertained.

It will keep things interesting for the child as they get complete attention and different playmates during the journey. It will also give you – the grown-ups – a chance to relax and enjoy the journey.

5. Be prepared for motion sickness

Motion sickness is one of the most common issues with toddlers on road trips. Children, especially young ones, often feel nauseous while being in a car for a long duration. The worst thing is that they may not be able to warn you before the motion sickness strikes.

Thus, it is essential to prepare for this in advance. Be sure to carry a few resealable plastic bags, wet wipes, an air freshener, a couple of extra clothes, etc. Keep the car’s windows down, and try to distract your toddler with games, stories, etc. Make sure to take small breaks so that your child can get some fresh air.

Road trip with a toddler checklist

Now that we have shared the best road trip with toddler hacks with you, let’s simplify planning the road trip.

Here is a quick checklist of all the essential items you must pack before hitting the road with your kid.

1. Hygiene and personal care

  • Diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • First aid kits
  • Tissue papers
  • Resealable plastic bags,
  • Medicines for emergencies

2. Entertainment

  • Storybooks
  • Road trip games
  • Small toys
  • Crayons and color books

3. Rest and nap

  • A comfy pillow and blanket
  • Your toddler’s favorite sleeping toy


So there you have it! That was all about planning the perfect road trip adventure with a toddler. Whether planning a road trip with a 2-year-old or a 5-year-old, these hacks will help you have the best time with your child and family.

Your child will get to witness picturesque locations and enjoy new things while you will be able to create memories for a lifetime! Start planning your trip now with Travel-Wise’s free trip-planning tools to have you on your way to your destination faster than ever!

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