Thrilling Bike Routes in Europe

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Europe is a biker’s paradise. The continent abounds in biking routes and trails. When we look at the most bike-friendly cities globally, almost all are in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Norway, Austria, Finland, Germany, and Spain. That tells us something about the biking culture in Europe. Let’s explore some of the most thrilling bike routes in Europe. 

This guide is for all bike enthusiasts who want to explore Europe on their bicycles. We’ll discuss the best bike routes in Europe and what you should know about them. 

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Via Francigena

Let’s start the list with a historical cycling route. This 1,800 km stretch from Canterbury to Rome is one of the oldest pilgrimage routes in Europe. The present-day Via Francigena has 80 spots where Archbishop Sigeric stopped from Canterbury to Rome. 

Via Francigena is a hardcore cycling route. It would take around 20 days to cover the entire stretch, and you will find plenty of pilgrim accommodation. The scenic beauty of the roads makes Via Francigena a popular biking route in Europe.

Danube Cycle Path

The Danube Cycle Path is 306 km long and stretches from Germany to Austria. It starts in the German village of Passau and ends in Vienna, Austria. The Danube Cycle Path is perfect for beginners as well. You can cover the entire length within a few days, and plenty of scenic stops are coming. 

The Danube Cycle Path is almost flat, and you don’t have to bike through mountainous regions. The route has sparse traffic and is very safe. If you are passionate about biking, the Danube Cycle Path is one of Europe’s most enjoyable biking routes.

Elbe Cycle Path

The Elbe Cycle Path stretches from the Czech Republic to Germany, arguably the most popular biking route in Germany. More than 800 km of this 1300 km biking route is in Germany. 

As you bike through the Elbe Cycle Path, you’ll cross several bohemian towns and stunning natural landscapes. The route gets its name from the Elbe River. The Elbe Cycle Path is part of a complex cycling route network of 37 river cycling routes. You can bike up to the North Sea along this route if adventurous enough. 

Romantic Road

Germany’s Romantic Road is a 440 km biking route that passes through the scenic towns of Nördlingen and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Near the end of this route, you can see the majestic view of the Neuschwanstein castle on the Alps. Most of the route is flat, and the highest elevation is under 600 meters. 

The Romantic Road is a beginner-friendly biking route. So, no matter your age or fitness level, you can take a bike and embark on this beautiful journey. Rest assured, the sights on the way will make all the efforts worthwhile.

Baltic Sea Cycle

The Baltic Sea Cycle route follows the Baltic Sea and takes you through seaside resorts like Heiligendamm, Warnemünde, and Kühlungsborn. You will also come across Rügen – Germany’s largest island. The Baltic Sea Route is also called the EuroVelo 10 route, one of Europe’s most well-marked cycling routes. 

The route covers nine countries – Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. While the Baltic Sea Cycle is a professional biking route, even newbies and hobbyists will enjoy the beauty and history of this route. 

Iron Curtain Trail

The Iron Curtain Trail is not for hobbyists. Instead, it’s a hardcore cycling route that traces the division of West and East Europe. The Iron Curtain Route is 9,950 km long and is undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted. Bulgaria and Greece share a mountainous border along the way, and you’ll pass vineyards in southern Czechia and northern Austria. 

The Iron Curtain Trail takes you through some of the cheapest European spa towns, where you can enjoy fantastic food and wine. It’s not just a cycling route – it’s a lesson on Europe’s history, culture, and people. If you are an advanced biker, you should bike through the Iron Curtain Trail at least once.

Flanders Beer Routes

The Flanders Beer Routes is a fun biking route in Belgium. This route has several loops, each around 30 to 40 km long. In addition, Flemish Brabant offers several beer-themed routes to explore at your own pace. It’s a perfect bike route for beginners and beer lovers. 


Norway is a surreal place, and the Rallarvegen bike route will take you through the sublime beauty of this Scandinavian country. Construction materials for the Bergen-Oslo Railway were initially transported along this route. You can finish this 82 km track in a day or two, and the route will lead you to some of the most scenic spots you’d ever come across.


The next time you are in Europe, bike and explore these beautiful routes. Start planning your trip now with Travel-Wise’s free trip-planning tools to have you on your way to your destination faster than ever!

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