Travel-Wise Vision [April 2022]

Posted April 25, 2022 in News - Last updated October 19, 2023


Travel-Wise has been a product in the making over the last nine months, and after all the hard work, it is finally time to open the doors! The website is still new. The product is not without its’ kinks, but I am eager to start marketing the Travel-Wise vision and exploring feedback with future users and the travel community!

Travel-Wise aspires to be the technology solution for making travel and planning worldwide more accessible, enabling travelers to travel more easily with high-quality user-submitted itineraries. In addition, we aim to allow our users to have the ability to find itineraries that speak to you quickly and make travel plans with multiple itineraries. Even further backed by a growing community of travelers seeking information, others to travel with, and an aspiring social network.

Currently, the primary focus is to help Travel-Wise grow a thriving community. At the same time, we continue to seek feedback to help hone and shape the future of Travel-Wise!

Features planned for the future of Travel-Wise’s vision.

  • Itinerary statistics: to see all the relevant statistics around how often your itineraries are used in completed and preliminary travel plans.
  • Continued and improved work to improve the UX and branding of Travel-Wise.
  • An improved Booking experience for travel plans. We plan to allow booking straight on Travel-Wise and automatically add to your travel plans.
  • Additional social features include showing itineraries you’ve published on your social profiles, maps of where you traveled, and sharing upcoming travel plans.
  • Recommendations of nearby itineraries or activities to add to your travel plans.
  • Improved ability to add Travel-Wise friends and groups to your travel plans. Ability to automatically find like-minded travelers to add to your travel plans to grab group discount rates.
  • Efforts to build domain authority and great content around Travel!

To the future and beyond! Please reach out if you have thoughts or ideas, or would like to partner to help us grow!

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