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Travel-Wise Features

Travel-Wise aims to be the best online travel planner with an active community of travelers seeking friendship and new experiences. We’ve strived to become a feature-rich platform that makes trip planning more manageable and gives you the tools to journal your trips for sharing with others and keeping the memories. Let’s run through the various Travel-Wise features!

Do note the app requires the user to log into it for numerous features to become available so the data can be stored in your user account. For a demo, numerous features are available to anonymous users, but nothing can be stored or saved until an account is made.

Best of all, all of these features are brought to you for free!

Trip Planner

Trip Planner is designed to make it faster to plan your trips with others or solo.

Offline support (while logged into the app)
PWA and Android apps
Book your trip plan through the Skyscanner integrations
Category: AI
Use AI to find related itineraries
Use AI to find related events in your trip plan
Use AI to optimize the order, discover estimated costs, and see travel time
Category: Planning
Invite & collaborate with others on the trip plan details
Saves local drafts of all your changes so we don’t lose changes you’ve made locally
Add as many days and events in to plan as much detail on your trip as you need
Keep context, permits, flights, hotel bookings, etc., all in one spot
Drag & Drop capability to move days and events around quickly
Add notes to any day and have a full, rich text editor that allows images, tables, etc., to be added
For each event, correlate a specific place on the map to it; this also gives you a handy link to the location on Google Maps for easy navigation
Open the trip plan for other users to see and apply to join
Add duration and arrival times to your events, then add them to your calendars
Add all events with times to your Google Calendar in one click
No limit to the amount of Trip Plans you can save
Category: On the go
Journaling capability for everyone on the trip, complete with GPS coordinates and rich text + image posting
A full map outline of the places you will visit and have journaled at
Ability to publish your trip plan, and users who follow you can subscribe to your trip plan to be informed when updates have been put out
Share various cards, from the trip plan map to a full card of journals that you can link on your websites, emails, reference elsewhere, or share on social media
Export your trip plans as PDFs via print screen


Itineraries are templates that are used as the foundation for planning any trip. From user-submitted to AI-generated itineraries, they help conform to a strict standard to help you create and customize your trip plans.

Category: AI
Ability to generate itineraries for new templates or trip plans
Category: Search
Search for the itineraries that match your own needs quickly through a flexible search with filters
Quickly see itineraries without navigating off the search screen
See the number of recommendations itineraries have to help find the most trustworthy itineraries
Category: Creation
Flexible tooling to create new itinerary templates and express the perfect travel template
Full map integration, where all events create a visible route on a world map
Rich text editor for the itinerary, days, and events to help express details to help others in the best ways possible
Upload a featured image that represents your itinerary on the search
Optional creator recognition and links to their profile from the Published itinerary
Share your itinerary template’s card on your website, social media, or with the link
Allows multiple owners to maintain and update an itinerary
Saves local drafts of all your changes so we don’t lose changes you’ve made locally
Statistics on your itineraries to see how they rank and how often they are used

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