Top 6 mountains to visit in Nepal

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Nepal is known for its mountain ranges that stretch across the horizon, with eight of the ten highest peaks in the world! With snow-capped mountains like Mount Everest and other stunning vistas, Nepal offers an unforgettable experience when it comes to viewing gorgeous natural beauty. For those who want to explore these majestic peaks up close and personal, there are plenty of trails and scenic places to visit in Nepal. This blog post will cover our top mountains to visit in Nepal. So grab your hiking boots as you prepare for a tour around some of Nepal’s most iconic landscapes.

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The Mount Everest

There is no other experience quite like a trip to Mount Everest. Gaining the opportunity to summit the world’s highest mountain creates a feeling of accomplishment perhaps unmatched by any other adventure. Traveling to Mt. Everest in Nepal promises those who take part in this breathtaking journey of awe-inspiring vistas, from sunrise to sunset and long into the night under an infinity of stars.

Strategically located in the Solukhumbu District, within the Khumbu Mahalangur Himalaya Range, standing 8,848 meters high – a journey to Mt. Everest is unparalleled. Moreover, the drier seasons from mid-September through May provide more favorable climate conditions and visibility. So it makes sense why so many people flock to Nepal annually for their ultimate quest to reach the top of Mount Everest.


Mt. Kanchenjunga is an iconic location that stands 8586 meters tall and shares its territory with Sikkim, India, and Nepal. It has all three rankings individually – 3rd in the world, 2nd in Nepal, and 1st in India – which makes it unique. 

A remarkable aspect of Kanchenjunga is that it used to be the highest mountain in the world until 1849. The Taplejung district of Nepal is home to numerous Rai, Limbu, and Gurung people. They revere this particular mountain as “the five treasures of snow” and hold it as a sacred abode of gods. 

Mount Makalu

Standing at awe-inspiring heights, Mount Makalu is the picture of majesty – its four-sided pyramid shape gleaming white and blue against a picturesque sky. Paying tribute to Lord Shiva is a majestic reminder of his power and strength.

For many experienced climbers, this peak offers an exciting challenge with its treacherous rocks, curves, and daunting height. Due to its temperate weather, springtime is considered the best season to climb Mount Makalu. 

It is undoubtedly one of the best Nepal mountains for those seeking an adventure full of challenges that will thrill and excite them.

Mount Cho Oyu

Standing majestically at the intersection of China and Nepal, Mount Cho Oyu captures the hearts of its admirers with its awe-inspiring beauty. Its majestic turquoise hue pays homage to a mystical Tibetan goddess who rejected the Bald God’s proposal in one of many local legends. This picturesque peak beckons visitors from all over the globe.

At 8,000 meters tall, amateur and experienced mountaineers will marvel at the challenge this mountain offers. Amidst vast snowscapes for days, caravans carrying mules loyally trek alongside adventurers seeking serenity as they take in their surroundings.

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Poon Hill

If you’re planning to glimpse some of Nepal’s famous sights, there is no better place to start than the Poon Hill trek. It takes 3 or 4 days to complete, depending on how briskly you want to go and which route you take. 

The guesthouses, restaurants, mountainside trails, and other amenities make this route one of the most popular treks in the Annapurna Sanctuary; even experienced trekkers come here for its unparalleled beauty and ease.


Lhotse is a unique mountain. It’s the 3rd highest peak in Nepal and 4th globally, with a whopping height of 8516 meters. It also has an interesting name. In Tibetan, it means South Peak, which reflects its proximity to Mount Everest, both connected by the vertical ridge called South Col. 

Despite this connective position, Lhotse is considered its mountain as it rises 610 meters above the lowest point. People often group Lhotse with Everest due to their distinct similarities, but now we can appreciate them for what makes them unique mountain entities. Truly a spectacular sight to witness.


Dhaulagiri Mountain is a sight to behold! Located in west-central Nepal, this majestic mountain stands at 8,167 meters, making it the seventh-highest peak in the world. As a part of the Himalayas range, it’s surrounded by some truly awe-inspiring scenery. 

Dhaulagiri’s sheer size and scale are even more impressive when it’s situated between two of the deepest gorges in the world. Kali Gandaki Gorges to the west, and Myagdi Khola Gorge to the east. As a result, Dhaulagiri presents a thrilling climb for mountaineers. The mountain has a steep and rocky ascent, offering unforgettable views. 


Nepal has extreme beauty with some of the world’s tallest mountains. If you’re an adventurous traveler looking for your next big challenge, tackling one (or more!) of these peaks should be on your bucket list. Do your research before planning excursions, always follow safety guidelines while hiking, and most importantly, have fun!

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