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Taking A Pizza Food Tour In Italy

Posted May 29, 2023 in Destination - Last updated June 1, 2023

Imagine the aroma of freshly-made pizza wafting through the air, each slice juicy and loaded with choice toppings. Now imagine taking this food experience to a whole new level by doing a pizza tour in the country where it all began: Italy! From the classic thin crust and Neapolitan pies found in Naples to rustic regional specialties served up throughout various pizzerias, there’s something for everyone when you take a food journey like no other. So get ready for an exciting exploration of Italian cuisine as we explore taking a pizza food tour in Italy.

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Pizza Napoletana


With its TSG certification, Napoletana pizza is loved worldwide for its unique taste and authenticity. First, the dough is made with just four quality ingredients. This includes wheat flour, yeast, salt, and water – but it’s what comes. Next, that makes this Italian classic so unique. 

After rising for up to 24 hours, the dough is carefully shaped into a round disk that we all love! It’s then finished with a selection of delicious toppings cooked at an incredibly high heat (over 900°F) in a wood-burning oven. This grants it a soft, elastic center and a tall, fluffy crust – or cornicione, as they call it in Napoli. 

Take advantage of this Neapolitan gem – head to Eataly’s La Pizza & La Pasta restaurant to try pizza Napoletana for yourself.

Pizza al Taglio


If you’re looking for an authentic Italian lunch experience, Pizza al taglio is the way to go. This sizeable rectangular pizza is cut into individual slices, ensuring everyone can have as much or as little pizza as they want. 

The unique baking process of this traditional street food leaves the crust crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making it irresistible to locals and tourists alike. So whether grabbing a quick snack while strolling in Rome’s historic streets or sharing a plate with friends over a long conversation, pizza al taglio will never disappoint.

Pizza Fritta


Are you craving something crispy, indulgent, and packed with flavor? Look no further than Pizza Fritta! This classic Neapolitan street food is fried pizza dough in various shapes and sizes for culinary pleasure. 

You’re spoilt for choice, from the round montanara to the half-moon-shaped calzone. But behind all this deliciousness lies an inspiring story. After World War II, the ovens’ prices of mozzarella and wood rose significantly. However, instead of giving up on their beloved dish, cooks in Naples decided to find an alternative solution. 

They decided to fry the dough instead and fill it with available ingredients – thus, Pizza Fritta was born. 

Roman pizza


Roman pizza is a classic dish worth seeking out – and it packs quite a punch! While it hasn’t been around for as long as its Neapolitan counterpart, Roman-style pizzas have gained steam since the 1940s. 

The crispy, crunchy crust is made with high-protein flour and fermented for much longer than the traditional flatbread in Rome. Though the dough may seem heavy at first sight, the long fermentation process helps break down the carbohydrates, making it easier to digest without compromising its flavorful complexity. 

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Pizza Siciliana


Pizza Siciliana, or Sfincione as it’s better known in Sicily, is a delightfully fluffy rectangle of mouthwatering deliciousness. The thick crust provides the perfect base for the toppings that dance on top – tomato sauce, onions, oregano, anchovies, and an all-important hard sheep’s milk cheese. 

Finally, the pizza is finished with a sprinkling of bread crumbs that help absorb some of the oil from its ingredients. If you find yourself in Sicily, try a piece of Sfincione available as street food or buy fresh from the bakery.

Pizza alla Pala


Pizza alla pala is a unique culinary creation from the bakeries of Rome. It’s made with leftover dough, stretched lengthwise, then topped with fresh ingredients for an exceptional pizza experience. 

Unlike traditional pizza Napoletana, pizza alla pala is cooked in an electric oven at around 580°F resulting in thick, fluffy, yet crispy slices. If you want to try this delightful dish, stop by your local Eataly and pick up a slice or two.

Pizza Romana Tonda


As it turns out, the world can be both round AND flat. The classic Roman-style pizza, Pizza Romana Tonda, is culinary proof of this. Pizza Romana has an impossibly thin and ultra-crisp crust, unlike its floppy Neapolitan compatriot. So crisp it will not sag if you hold up a slice by one of its rounded ends. 

The signature crack when you attempt to fold the perishable triangle is known in culinary circles as ‘scrocchiarella’ and is a delectable style, so much for proving Christopher Columbus wrong.

All in All

Check out one of these fantastic pizza food tours if you’re ever in Italy. You won’t regret it. And who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to find the best pizza place in Italy.

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