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10 Most Stunning Routes Every Avid Cyclist Will Love

Posted January 6, 2022 in Top Contenders - Last updated November 7, 2023

If you enjoy sitting on your bike saddle more than the seat at your office or sofa at home, you’re like us. You’re an avid biker, always looking for new cycling routes.

Well, look no further. To help you out, before you book your next trip, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most stunning routes cyclists will love worldwide. Of course, you’ll want to ride these routes at least once.

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Top 10 cycling routes every biker must ride in their life

1. The Great Ocean Road in Australia

The 413-mile route Down Under in Australia is one of the most stunning routes for cyclists. You will ride past Southeastern Australia’s roiling ocean and rich natural landscape as you make your way from Torquay to Allansford. In addition, many mountain biking trails dot this route, which you can easily explore if you have the time.

2. Otago Peninsula in New Zealand

Australia’s neighbor, New Zealand, has her fair share of biking routes, of which the Otago Peninsula is one of the best. This 33.5-mile riding route starts from the city center of Dunedin and ends at the Harbour entrance. You can choose the easier flat way or the more strenuous uphill path. In addition, you will ride past cliffs jutting above New Zealand’s sometimes-calm-sometimes-stormy sea.

3. Route 10 in Holland

Holland’s Route 10 cycling trail is almost 400 miles of glorious open skies, expansive fields, and flat roads. The stunning wild tulips, endemic fauna, and massive windmills are a sight for sore eyes. This is one of the most memorable biking routes that any avid cyclist has to experience.

4. The Shimanami Kaido in Japan

If you want to ride family-friendly trails, The Shimanami Kaido biking trail in Japan is a great choice. Unlike most of the routes we’ve mentioned here, this one is far safer and one of the easiest to complete. It’s a 40-mile trail that snakes around the quaint Seto Inland Sea. There are over 140 rest stops here, plus eateries and stores to purchase anything you need en route. Plus, no motorized vehicles are allowed.

5. Mont Ventoux in France

If you’re an amateur biker who loves Tour de France, you’ll be pleased with Mont Ventoux. It’s a part of the iconic race. Now, you can ride this segment of the Tour de France without the hassle of qualifying for the event. This 13-mile route is sheer uphill. So rest and look out at the verdant vineyards and farmlands that straddle the route on either side. They’re spectacular.

6. Karakoram Highway straddling the boundary between China & Pakistan

High-altitude cycling, anyone? The Karakoram Highway is one of the highest motorable roads globally, towering 15,300 feet (4663 meters). Depending on where you start, you will bike a route 810 miles (from Pakistan) or 551 miles (from China). This route is dizzying. Not only are oxygen levels low here, but you’ll have to ride next to sheer rock faces, glaciers, and high-altitude forests, one for the adventure junkie.

7. Manali to Leh Highway in India

If the ride across the Karakoram Highway in India was something you enjoyed, then the biking route from Manali to Leh is one you’ll not be able to resist. This is another high-altitude route, and it is much higher and more technically challenging. After all, the almost 300 miles Manali-Leh Highway is The Highest Road in the world. The biking route starts at a little above 4000 meters and, at its highest point, reaches an altitude of 5328 meters above sea level. The magnetic mountains (like the gravity-defying Cyclops Hill), glassy lakes, vast cold deserts, and bright blue sky make this cycling route breathtaking and unforgettable. However, we recommend this route only to experts because it is a dangerous mountainous route. 

8. La Farola in Cuba

The 35-mile-long Cuban highway of La Farola is a gorgeous tropical paradise. You cycle through the verdant Cuban landscape to the backdrop of blue seas, foamy spray, and jagged limestone cliff faces. Deep gorges are dotting the riding route as well. But don’t worry. Railings are keeping you safe as you ride past. The weather is always warm here, and it’s one of the sunniest routes you can find.

9. North Sea Cycle Route across Europe

The North Sea Cycle Route is a must-do if you’re up for a multi-country cycling adventure. This 4000-mile biking route goes through multiple European countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Scotland, and England. This is one of the longest cycling routes on the planet, and it is replete with such diverse landscapes that you’ll adore biking on. From marshlands to deserts to snow-capped mountains to beach-side tracks, this is a route for passionate bikers with some time. Be sure to carry your passport along when biking this route. Visas may be necessary beforehand for visitors from some countries. As for difficulty level, the North Sea Cycle Route is beginner-to-intermediate at its technical level. The roads are mostly flat with some incline.

10. Great Divide Mountain Bike Route across North America

If international travel is your tea, consider another cycling route, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, that traverses North America. You start from New Mexico in the United States and ride to Alberta in Canada. Along the 3083-mile-long route, you bike through thick forests, across snow-clad plains, and around majestic mountains. Flora and fauna here are spectacular, and you’ll have many opportunities to stop and marvel at the wonder of Mother Nature. This entire route goes on mountainous terrain, some of which are single-track. This is another route that is recommended to experienced cyclists.


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